10 Essential B2B Salesforce AppExchange Apps

The Salesforce AppExchange is a great place to find essential apps to operate within the Salesforce platform. These apps provide critical features that help you get things done, connect with customers, and drive results.

As a B2B business owner, you are not just limited to the functionality of Salesforce. Marketers should leverage apps in the Salesforce Exchange for B2B businesses to streamline workflow and enhance productivity. 

Below is a list of ten apps that every savvy B2B business owner needs to help them streamline sales, marketing, and support activities within their organization.

What is Salesforce AppExchange?

Salesforce AppExchange is a collection of applications built for Salesforce by third-party developers vetted and approved by Salesforce. It’s necessary for the company making the app to be a Salesforce partner. These applications can be downloaded directly into your Salesforce instance, which can be used to customize your CRM system with additional functionality.

The goal of the Salesforce AppExchange is to provide solution providers with a place to market their applications and to increase the overall productivity of Salesforce through these apps. This helps both solution providers and users because it allows them to find what they’re looking for easily, and it allows solution providers to get more exposure to their products.

Now, let’s look at the most popular Salesforce apps in the Salesforce exchange for B2B business.

Top Salesforce AppExchange Tools

1. Groove

Groove is a sales productivity platform that aims to simplify the sales process and make collecting leads much easier. Instead of worrying about updating contacts each time something changes, Groove consolidates that data into one place so users can easily access it at any given moment.

Groove focuses on automation, accessibility, and updates, such as keeping all administrative tasks like creating repeatable playbooks or integrating AI systems. It analyzes massive amounts of data that are then made actionable for team leaders. More than 70,000 users and customers, including Google, Atlassian, Uber, and Capital, use Groove. It is the most popular Salesforce app in terms of ease of use in the Salesforce exchange for B2B businesses.

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2. Conga’s Document Generation

Conga’s digital document solutions allow you to streamline every document for the greatest benefit and tailor them to what your business and your customers need. Conga’s document generation is the go-to solution for creating beautiful, accurate digitized documents using pre-built or customized templates automatically populated with data from Salesforce.

Conga makes it easy to quickly and efficiently develop documents. Make business processes sturdier, reduce human error, establish reliable visibility throughout the entire production cycle, and eliminate inefficiencies as you streamline your team’s productivity cycles. 

3. Clearslide

ClearSlide offers a complete Sales Engagement Platform that combines multiple solutions to give you a great customer experience. It helps you manage your content and communications to focus on what’s important: generating revenue for your business.

Their engagement analytics track the performance of every channel. It helps you engage with customers across the buying journey – from buyer education to acquisition and upsells. ClearSlide helps significantly improve deal visibility, coaching, and forecasting techniques by using dashboards to communicate with clients and team members.

4. Dooly

Dooly is the hub of your dynamic revenue team. It makes it possible to communicate, synchronize, and collaborate seamlessly with their entire team and within the system they use. Asana, BigCommerce, and Intercom – three large corporations rely on Dooly to achieve their goals.

Dooly doesn’t require any extra effort from your hardworking sales staff. Instead, it can automatically update your pipeline and ensure all of the most important information is contained in one central place. Dooly lets sellers update their pipeline in one click, fill out their mandatory fields instantly, and automatically sync meeting notes with opportunities.

5. ZoomInfo SalesOS

ZoomInfo SalesOS is a widely used tool in the Salesforce exchange for B2B business. It makes it easier than ever to navigate the complexities of your target market. It enables you to make all the accurate, informed, timely, and data-driven purchasing decisions needed for growth. The app holds the third position in ease of use on the Salesforce AppExchange

This sales enablement solution has been instrumental in reaching new customers, nurturing existing ones, and staying ahead of your competition. They layer additional tools on top of that intelligence—Unbabel, Chorus, Engage, and RingLead—to help you engage with prospects. They integrate these tools into your existing systems, so your teams can focus on winning customers and closing deals. 

6. Geopointe

Geopointe provides numerous ways for end users, managers, administrators, developers, and others better to visualize important document information, including geographical location. Using Geopointe’s innovative technology, organizations and individuals can improve productivity and streamline processes.

7. Tenfold

Tenfold’s SaaS CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) solution allows businesses to make a call from any application & automatically log it into your CRM. This intelligent tool can enable complete data capture by logging calls to your CRM and upgrading your customer experience with an agent screen pop that immediately identifies the customer.

Tenfold surfaces the relevant context and compresses agent workflows to drive additional productivity. As Tenfold uses your existing phone system, you don’t have to worry about paying extra or special charges. You have the freedom to substitute technology providers or switch over from using a phone system entirely without compromising the agent’s experience or data quality.

8. LevelJump

LevelJump, A Salesforce Company, is the only outcome-based enablement solution inside of Salesforce. LevelJump gives Salesforce an outcome-based training and coaching platform that seamlessly integrates with their common CRM software to automate sales efficiency by increasing revenue achievement.

Levejump is dedicated to centralizing more efficient operations, automating milestone achievement, and discovering insights to inspire the highest impact revenue streams at scale.

9. Yesware

Yesware is a useful tool in the Salesforce exchange for B2B businesses that helps high-performing sales teams stay organized when it comes to doing effective outreach via email. Try Yesware to drive more revenue through email outreach; enterprise sales software is overkill. 

Yesware’s Outlook and Gmail add-ons live right inside your inbox and let you easily organize these things by tracking all of your activity. Some companies that use Yesware are Yelp, Experian, and Teach for America. These companies have increased their pipeline and closed more deals with Yesware. 

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10. TextUs

TextUs is a powerful chat tool in the Salesforce exchange for B2B businesses that enables businesses to communicate with their customers and employees by text message. Enrich your business relationships with 10x the response rates of email and voice.

TextUs is a customizable, enterprise-grade texting solution. It integrates seamlessly with existing systems to make it easy for employees or customers to get in touch via SMS. It’s easy to use, scalable and cost-effective, giving you the tools you need to keep up with your growing business.

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1. How many apps are on the Salesforce AppExchange?

A: The Salesforce AppExchange currently displays over 3400 apps. Some of the more popular apps on the AppExchange are CoSchedule, Salesforce Chatter, and SuccessFactors.

2. Which ones are the best free Salesforce apps?

A: ZoomInfo SalesOS, Dooly, and Geopointe are some of the best free Salesforce apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange. 

3. What is the purpose of the AppExchange in Salesforce?

A: Salesforce AppExchange is a global marketplace allowing developers worldwide to connect with Salesforce customers and make their apps available to them through an online AppExchange.

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