20 Years of Dreamforce—5 Reasons to Take Dream Quest ’22

Get ready for the epic family reunion of the year! We’re here to celebrate Trailblazers like you, and we’re honored to share stories of success so we can all learn from one another.

Whether you’re joining us in person or on Salesforce+ for free, Dreamforce is a truly immersive experience you can enjoy from anywhere. Three days streaming live on two channels with 72 hours of content, global takeovers, and 200+ on-demand episodes.

Exciting Dreamforce ’22 announcements

  • Net Zero Marketplace: The global voluntary carbon market is predicted to grow from $1B in 2021 to $50B by 2030*. Salesforce is bringing together our values, technology, and ecosystem to create a climate action hub for everyone and a trusted site for organizations to purchase carbon credits from ecopreneurs. When used responsibly as part of a broader climate strategy, carbon credits can help organizations make an immediate impact while longer-term emission reduction efforts are also underway.
  • Salesforce Genie: A new addition to the Salesforce Platform now brings real-time data to the entire Customer 360 so you can turn data into magical customer experiences. Salesforce Genie brings the power of the Customer Data Platform to the entire Salesforce Platform. It unifies customer data across all channels and interactions into a single, real-time customer profile,  and supercharges Einstein’s AI capabilities and Flow’s automation services with real-time data. Plus, we have a new Salesforce character to celebrate…
  • A deepened commitment to Workforce Development:
  • Trailblazer.me Profile innovations: Now, anyone can display their continued learning and connections across all Salesforce technologies in a single source of truth.
    • NEW Trailhead Ranger Ranks: Providing more opportunities than ever to showcase your expertise and passion for learning to employers.
    • Community Tags: Trailblazers can highlight the communities they’re part of to discover and connect with each other. Proudly display your communities and personas, whether you’re an #AwesomeAdmin, #AllStarArchitect, #Muley, #NetZeroHero, #DataFam, or more!

Want to learn more about the latest and greatest of Dreamforce? Don’t worry, we have your back with Dream Quest 2022.

What is Dream Quest?

Trailhead Quests combine the challenge of learning new skills on Trailhead—Salesforce’s free online learning platform—with the allure of winning incredible prizes. While you’re having fun learning about the latest product innovations, a little motivation doesn’t hurt.

Throughout the rest of September and October, all Trailblazers are welcome to participate in Dream Quest to learn about key Dreamforce topics, watch on-demand sessions on Salesforce+, connect with the Trailblazer Community, PLUS enter to win** fun prizes!

Let’s dive deeper into the five reasons you should join this year’s Dream Quest.

1. Power data like never before with Salesforce Customer Data Platform, powered by Genie

Activate real-time moments and get a complete view of customers with unified profiles on Salesforce Customer Data Platform, powered by Genie. This powerful marketing technology makes it easier for your digital-first marketing team to manage and pull insights from customer data. CDPs focus on four primary tasks: collecting data, unifying data, activating data, and pulling insights from data.

Jump right in and take the Dream Quest ’22 Customer Data Platform, Powered by Genie trailmix to learn more about how to use data effectively.

2. Accelerate efficiency and reliability with Salesforce automation

With automation, your business can better serve your teams and customers. When you put tedious, repetitive tasks on cruise control, employees are freed up for ideas and problem-solving. With MuleSoft, we provide a unified solution for automation, integration, and application programming interfaces (APIs) to easily automate any workflow so companies can adapt to constant business changes.

Take the Dream Quest ’22 Automation trailmix to learn more about MuleSoft robotic process automation (RPA) and Salesforce Flow.

3. Discover how Slack and Salesforce powers the future of work

The workplace has changed dramatically in the last few years. From working in offices to working remotely, teams are learning how to collaborate in a different way—a work-from-anywhere world. Regardless of your physical location, Slack can be your digital HQ where you can engage in an environment that’s connected, flexible, and inclusive.

Learn how you can unlock the power of Slack and Salesforce to customize the way work gets done across your teams, partners, and customers with the Dream Quest ’22 Future of Work trailmix.

4. Make an impact on sustainability with Salesforce

Earlier this year, Salesforce officially announced Sustainability as a core company value, joining our values of Trust, Customer Success, Innovation, and Equality. We use our values to drive the company’s decision-making, and with this new core value, Salesforce is leveraging its full power to drive climate action and further operationalize sustainability across its entire business.

From combatting climate change to learning how you and your business can make sustainable decisions for the future, the Dream Quest ’22 Sustainability trailmix has the next-step information you need.

5. Walk down memory lane with throwback Trailhead badges

Trailhead started as a fun way to learn Salesforce for developers. We soon realized that while learning Salesforce skills was great, we had to go further by helping our Trailblazers skill up for the jobs of the future. Throughout the years, Trailhead personalized learning with career-based paths to help people achieve their specific goals. If you want to work on professional or personal development, we have a variety of modules and trails to choose from.

Our Trailblazers have earned more than 57 million badges since we launched in 2014! Take a look back at our most popular Trailhead badges with the Dream Quest ’22 Trailhead Throwback trailmix.

How to get started with Dream Quest

  1. Visit the Trailhead Quests page, sign up, or log in to your Trailhead account.
  2. Complete any Dream Quest trailmix during the entry period to earn an exclusive community badge and be entered for a chance to win** fun prizes. Every Dream Quest trailmix completed counts as an additional entry to the sweepstakes (up to five entries).
  3. Share your success in the Trailblazer Community Cove and on social via #TrailheadQuests and #DF22!

* McKinsey.

**No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Country of residence and other restrictions apply. See the Trailhead Quests page for full details and restrictions.

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