2022 release wave 2 available soon for Microsoft Dynamics 365

The 2022 fall release for Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be available in October, with all modules benefiting from new features and enhancements, including the CRM platform. Microsoft recently revealed these upcoming improvements, so here are the features we’re most looking forward to for the Marketing, Sales, and Service modules!


Automated hand-offs to sales

Users will now be able to create sales activities, such as tasks and phone calls, directly from the Dynamics 365 Marketing module. This ensures the members of your sales team follow up with leads at the right time, improving your conversion rate.

Custom channels

Thanks to this new feature, your organization will enjoy more flexibility in its choice of channels and the customer experience it provides. Custom channels, for example apps like WhatsApp, can be added along with built-in channels such as emails, text messages, and push notifications.


Microsoft Teams chats as activity in the timeline

The various Teams chats associated to a given record will now be displayed directly in the timeline. This will provide users with more visibility on past interactions, and they will also be able to search the timeline for better access to information.

Sharing records in Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

A new Dynamics 365 messaging extension for Outlook will make it even easier to share Dynamics 365 records. Indeed, it will now be possible to insert them as information cards that display key data directly from the body of the email.


Using dynamic text in signature templates

This feature facilitates the creation and management of signature templates with the use of dynamic slugs. Instead of typing out user information such as name and title, the system will automatically fill out this information based on the slugs inserted into the template.

Callback automation

Thanks to automated callbacks, customers can retain their spot in the queue and get a call back instead of having to wait. This feature can drastically increase customer satisfaction by eliminating long waits over the phone.

As always, Microsoft is committed to the continuous improvement of its business applications, and we at JOVACO are looking forward to seeing these new Dynamics 365 features in action! Thanks to these improvements, users will be able to facilitate their daily tasks and organizations can provide a higher level of service to their customers.

By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialist in Quebec


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