6 Salesforce Predictions to Transform Your 2023 Business Outlook

Businesses have been leveraging the benefits of CRM platforms for decades now. 

And when we talk about CRM, Salesforce tops the chart!


It comes with powerful solutions that streamline your business workflows and help you drive growth across every vertical. 

According to research[i], 52% of companies have witnessed an increase in their lead volume when they started using Salesforce.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how Salesforce changed the business landscape last year and how it is likely to reshape businesses in 2023 and beyond.

Salesforce Rewind 2022

Salesforce has been at the forefront of innovation, helping businesses achieve relevance at scale with its digital offerings. 

In fact, businesses that have been using Salesforce CRM experience 38% faster decision-making, 25% more profit, and a 35% boost in customer satisfaction.[ii]

Salesforce has been offering cutting-edge technologies to overcome business challenges like nurturing customer relationships, managing data, cross-team collaboration, increasing employee productivity, and much more. It ensures your business stays future-ready. 

To introduce new products and services, Salesforce organizes a mega event, Dreamforce every year that brings its community members together to meet with peers, unfold the latest innovations, and share valuable insights on enhancing digital experiences. Here’s what unfolded during Dreamforce 2022:

  • Salesforce Genie is a real-time platform that scales the overall Salesforce Customer 360 platform to deliver more personalized and responsive predictions based on real-time data.
  • Slack Canvas helps employees become more collaborative, streamline search across multiple platforms, and more.

Apart from these innovations that were unveiled at Dreamforce 2022, Salesforce introduced Sales Cloud Unlimited to enable sales teams to work faster and drive greater customer value with intelligent insights.

Grazitti Unveils What’s Next in the Salesforce Landscape


According to research[iii], more than 150,000 businesses use Salesforce to streamline their business operations

Being the #1 CRM platform, Salesforce offers a multitude of solutions that let businesses unite their teams and drive success across every vertical.

As a Salesforce partner, Grazitti has come up with Global Salesforce Predictions for 2023, a 6-part repertoire that entails an encyclopedic view of what the future holds for Salesforce.

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Let’s take a sneak peek at these 6 prediction chapters:

Employee Experience: Salesforce’s New Investment Hub for 2023

In this hyper-competitive business environment, it is crucial to deliver outstanding customer service and stay ahead of the curve. 

Not only does this increase your business value in the marketplace but also maximizes your ROI. However, this is not an easy road and needs a top-class workforce that helps bring exceptional results. 

And Salesforce enables you to do that by improving your employee experience

Its predicted game plan to enhance employee experience for organizations will include:

  • Creating engaging employee experiences
  • Boosting employee interactions
  • Enhancing productivity and self-support
  • Automating mundane tasks

This will likely be done by various EX tools like Workspace, Employee Concierge, etc. offered by Work.com, Salesforce’s digital ecosystem of applications to deliver great employee experiences.

Will Salesforce Lead the Future of CX With AI?

Customers are the lifeblood of every organization. And enhancing your CX initiatives will make them feel valued, happy, and satisfied. 

With a better, personalized CX, you can increase your customer base and drive more profit.

And AI-enabled CRM systems help you do that. 

However, not every CRM offers great AI functionality. But Salesforce holds the power to future-proof your customer operations as it is continuously magnifying AI capabilities in CRM. 

With its ever-evolving AI capabilities, it is going to enhance the CX game for businesses with solutions like Einstein Voice, data patterns with NLP, Slack-First Customer 360, etc.

Will Salesforce Move Towards the Freelancing Space in 2023?

This is the era of freelancers & solopreneurs.

While solopreneurs accomplish many goals to get their business moving to new heights, certain areas like funding, time and resource management, building customer relationships, scaling the business, etc. create bottlenecks. 

For this, a CRM platform can be a lifeline for entrepreneurs as it can help them:

  • Keep track of customers and contacts
  • A better understanding of customer behaviour
  • Expand predictive capabilities

And much more!

But, will this Salesforce venture into this thriving space of freelancers and solopreneurs in 2023? Surely, it will be exciting to find out.

Salesforce – Solidifying the Move Towards Digital Dominance

As businesses gravitate towards digital technology, it is crucial for them to choose a CRM system that helps them to be more resilient, adaptive, and progressive.

With this, businesses keep up with the latest trends, unique customer preferences, and other factors that increase their revenue.

That’s where a powerful CRM like Salesforce will help you solidify your move toward digital dominance. Here’s how.

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud Solution: This will help retailers grow revenue, deepen customer loyalty, and expand to new markets.
  • Salesforce – Slack Partnership: Will deliver digital-first apps and workflows for business.
  • Salesforce – Meta Partnership: This will enable businesses to send promotional messages in a video form, deliver a positive and enhanced CX, and more.

Fast-Track Your Digital Transformation Endeavors – The Salesforce Way

As digital space is gaining momentum, businesses need to harness the power of new and innovative technologies to increase their efficiency and productivity in the future.

And for this, Salesforce will help you fast-track your digital transformation endeavours.

Its power-packed solutions such as Salesforce Genie and integration with messaging apps like Slack will help businesses get the great potential for achieving sustainable and transformational goals. 

With this, employees will be able to collaborate with each other, work more efficiently, deliver a superior customer experience, etc.

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Low-Code No-Code Development: Salesforce’s Focal Point in 2023

Gone are the days when employees needed to create codes from scratch for solving any business problem.

Now, employees can engage in development and solve issues at their fingertips, regardless of their technical background. 

Enter – Low code and no code technology.

People who do not have much knowledge about coding can also harness the power of the technology with features such as drag-and-drop.

With low-code platforms, companies can reduce development times from months to weeks, implement real-time updates, and improve their applications.

This is where Salesforce comes to the forefront.

Being a catalyst for digital transformation, Salesforce will be offering a low-code toolkit for Slack apps – solidifying and automating simple manual tasks to ease coding work for non-technical users in the future.

Wrapping Up

Change is inevitable and Salesforce proves this every year by offering advanced solutions that redefine the business landscape. And the year 2023 is going to be the year of change. 

If you are looking to provide a stellar customer experience or enhance employee productivity, staying on top of these changes to envisage a better future for your organization is crucial. And Salesforce can be the closest ally in your business’ journey of transformation.

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