8 Reasons Why Salesforce and WordPress is the Best Combination

You may be familiar with Salesforce and WordPress. You may also get to do your work on these sites. But have you given WordPress Salesforce Integration any consideration? Do you wish to learn how to accomplish this and why Salesforce WordPress integration is required?  Salesforce is a well-known customer relationship management (CRM) system that allows companies to manage their workflows with other apps and services centrally. It supports businesses in building strong client relationships. WordPress, on the other hand, is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) for creating and hosting websites.

You may enhance your marketing process and your clients’ browsing experience by integrating WordPress and Salesforce. By connecting your WordPress forms to Salesforce, your team will be able to add leads, customers, and other contacts to your CRM automatically. Here will look for the reasons why Salesforce and WordPress is the best combination:

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an enterprise platform built on the cloud that offers robust business applications to improve the customer experience. It is a popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that enables you to communicate with customers, prospects, partners, sales, and marketing services worldwide.
The Salesforce Cloud is renowned for its reliability and capacity to support enterprises in managing internal and external contacts. Additionally, it enables the management of services using analytical and pertinent data, as well as the planning, monitoring, and management of sales and marketing campaigns.

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What is WordPress?

An open-source content management system is WordPress (CMS). It is a popular tool for people who wish to create websites and blogs but need coding skills. There is no fee for the software. It is free for anyone to install, use, and change.

Simplify User Management

An excellent technique to have a consistent database is to sync WordPress users with the CRM. You might use basic WordPress features like site registration to add new leads to your Salesforce database. All the fields in the two applications can be synced to ensure that your teams have real-time access to the same data.

If your Salesforce customer portal offers a membership-related service or you host unique data that users can access, this integration is suitable for you. The user accounts will sync quickly if Salesforce is used.

You can automatically change the customer tags in Salesforce by tagging the leads as customers. By doing this, you will remove manual updates, which will significantly minimize the stress on your sales team.

Convert from Submissions into Leads

You must link your website with Salesforce more thoroughly if you want to turn leads generated by WordPress form submissions into customers.

WordPress plugins and filters enable you to send form data to Salesforce and monitor the effectiveness of your form in your CRM. Your inbound marketing team may optimize the forms that do not perform as well by learning about the forms that convert more effectively.

Monitor the Activities of logged-in Users

To save user page history in a Salesforce custom object, you can configure logged-in user page tracking. To determine which portions of your website are the most visited. If you host your WordPress site, be aware that this kind of user tracking requires massive CPU resources.

Depending on your site hosting provider, you might also be charged differently. You can land in a valuable scenario. Customer activity may be tracked more accurately and effectively with Salesforce WordPress integration.

Track User Activity

Knowing which pages on your website are receiving the most traffic and interaction is always a good idea. You can accomplish just that due to Salesforce. Before you begin, remember that you will need a considerable amount of processing power to track user activity on your website. Before you start, make sure you have a good understanding of the charges because some hosting companies will charge you for this.

Build an eCommerce Store

Your product database can be imported into your Salesforce CRM in various ways. But there are only a few ways to maintain that data in sync with an external eCommerce site. There are several ready-to-use items that can be used with the widest range of Salesforce configurations. Any modifications to the database or workflow of your eCommerce site may be made irrelevant by these off-the-shelf solutions.

A product catalogue might be part of a custom integration solution. It might even include a complete e-commerce system that keeps track of all sales, stock levels, and other sales information in your Salesforce database. Salesforce’s previous purchase information is useful when targeting clients for new items, promotions, or marketing campaigns.

Add Campaign Identifiers to WordPress Actions

Do you wish to connect WordPress actions to your standard or bespoke Salesforce campaigns? By connecting Salesforce Integration WordPress, you may link people who register on your WordPress website with a sales campaign.

A Salesforce campaign ID can also be created for each person who completes a specific form. Even which website activities should be tracked can be specified. For example, you could add a WordPress action that counts the number of blog posts users have read under each category of services or products. They are connectable with a campaign ID. If they achieve a certain statistic, they will fall under that group.

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Leverage on Customer Object Integration

The best feature of Salesforce is the ability to design a full set of items specifically for your WordPress website. While the information is stored in Salesforce, your enterprises or properties can be monitored.
On your Salesforce database, the integration can help you keep track of amounts, payments, and deadlines. With the integration of WordPress and Salesforce, you can achieve a lot. All you need for the integration is a skilled developer.

Taking Advantage of the Salesforce Community Cloud

This is a general technique for including content from any external CMS in your Salesforce community using CMS Connect. You can interact with content on your community pages by linking multiple CMS components, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and display and edit headers and footers, blogs and articles, and other reused content. As a result, the branding of your CMS and website will be consistent.

Bottom Line

With Salesforce and WordPress, there are certainly many possibilities. Make sure your business goals and priorities are reflected in all of your adjustments and configurations. You can consider the above-listed reasons why Salesforce and WordPress are the best combinations.

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