An API-led Experience in Pediatric Healthcare

Pediatric care is perhaps one of the most sensitive areas of healthcare. Unlike with adult care, clinicians often communicate and receive information second hand from a patient’s parent or guardian. This unique situation means healthcare organizations must ensure that the information they share in regards to a patient’s condition is only distributed to approved parties so pediatric patients can receive the best, most ethical care possible.

Patients who take an active role in their care ultimately have better outcomes, and that result is no different for pediatric patients. Because of this (and working directly with patients and their parents or guardians on patients’ care plans), it’s critical to treat each case individually, especially pediatric patients who have chronic conditions and illnesses.

Pediatric healthcare is healthcare for all

No matter where a patient is, they deserve quality healthcare. Discover how virtual care options for pediatric patients can help close the access gap and provide better patient outcomes.

Personalized, family-centered pediatric healthcare 

To provide pediatric patients with the best care possible, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has embarked on a digital-first journey to create more personalized care tactics for each family they see. At its core, CHOP’s charter centers around learning, growing and exploring in their effort to deliver the highest quality, compassionate, family-centered care.

For the CHOP IT teams, that translates into a culture of innovation, efficiency, and collaboration to best serve their patients and their families. CHOP teamed up with the MuleSoft Center for Enablement to successfully manage change within the tech space. CHOP looked to Salesforce’s Values around Trust, Equality, and Innovation, to move forward in their digital transformation journey and implement API-led family-centered care.

Personalized API-led pediatric healthcare

Working with MuleSoft and Salesforce, CHOP created a single view for each member of a  child’s care team. With the pediatric patients in mind, their goal was to unlock data that previously sat in contained silos and distribute it to various stakeholders for that child’s specific needs. 

Whether a child has epilepsy, controlled asthma, or is even battling cancer, CHOP has taken it upon themselves to build an API-led digital platform that allows an individually curated view for each user, whether they’re the parent or guardian, the clinician, the call center operator, a billing technician, or someone else who has a hand in a pediatric patient’s care.

Because of the unique and sometimes vulnerable nature of pediatric care, CHOP worked with MuleSoft to develop an API-led approach to pediatric healthcare knowing how important it is to have a different view based on each user. Using MuleSoft, CHOP has been able to securely pull specific clinical and non-clinical data from various sources.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia increased efficiency and API reuse by working directly with MuleSoft. Their IT team was able to place more focus on collaborating across the organization to create individual user experiences rather than building and re-building architecture.

CHOP is also working on other digital transformation projects as well, including their work with the White House Cancer Moonshot Project.

Join MuleSoft at HIMSS 2023 

As leaders in the health IT space, we are excited to sit down with CHOP at the 2023 HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) conference to discuss their current API-led projects and what’s ahead for a digital-first approach to pediatric care.

Join MuleSoft and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for our session, Automate and Personalize Care for a Digital-First Experience, in Chicago on April 18, 2023 to learn more. Can’t make it to Chicago? Send us an email, and we’ll make sure to send over a personalized recording of this session to your inbox and answer your specific questions!

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