Apply to Speak at Dreamforce 2023 

The largest and most anticipated Salesforce event is right around the corner. Dreamforce is one of the biggest technology conferences on the planet – the next event is due to take place in San Francisco on September 12-14, 2023. 

Over the course of the three-day conference, there will be 1000+ sessions held around the Dreamforce campus. Here’s your chance to submit a topic idea, and present at one of the most prestigious tech events in the world.

Speaking at Dreamforce 

When running at full capacity, Salesforce sells around 180,000 tickets to Dreamforce, and tickets always sell out. 

Dreamforce is truly a community powered conference, with hundreds of presentations hosted by Salesforce administrators, developers, consultants, and architects. Speakers run these sessions to educate their peers on various topics, ranging from technical Salesforce subjects all the way through to career development.

If you’ve ever dreamt about presenting at a large-scale conference, or if you want to push yourself out of your comfort zone and do something truly rewarding, now is your chance! 

Presenting at Dreamforce is a fantastic opportunity for your own career development and personal brand, as well as providing a great chance to give back to the Salesforce community. It will also land you a free Dreamforce ticket (worth roughly $2,000). 

Dreamforce ‘22

Submission Process

Salesforce has just announced that the call for participation is open for admins and developers. This gives you a chance to submit your session and have it reviewed by Salesforce. 

Full details are available via the links above, but there are three core bits of information you need to know before submit:

  1. Session Type: You will need to choose whether you are submitting a Breakout session or a Theater session. Breakout sessions are held in dedicated rooms and last 40 minutes in total. Theater sessions are held in the Admin Meadow, where audience members can walk up and take a seat – these last 20 minutes. 
  2. Proposed Title: You will need to propose a title for your session. Ensure that the title is as well thought out as possible, as this is what you are using to hook Salesforce, as well as your potential audience.
  3. Proposed Abstract: This will contain a brief overview of what you plan to include in your session. 

For full information about the opportunity, submission process, and tips, check out the links to the official Salesforce blog posts (above).


Dreamforce is an incredible conference that many Salesforce professionals around the world wish they could attend, but often can’t due to budget constraints. 

Speaking at Dreamforce is fantastic for your personal career development. It is also a chance for you to attend with a free ticket, and perhaps get the greenlight from your employer to represent them on stage at one of the most prestigious technology conferences in the world. Submit your idea here

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