Appointment Automation with MappyField 365

Why restrict business growth because of timings when you can simply schedule prior appointments, get confirmation and keep track?

A lot of businesses that rely on fresh products for making their product, face consistency issues. They are unable to manage the raw material timings, and thus their product preparation is affected.

We have taken an example to help you understand this better and how Dynamics 365 maps like MappyField can help you with this. 

What is Appointment Automation in MappyField 365?

MappyField lets you automate visits to customers with direct appointment booking. It includes proximity-based auto check-ins, meeting notes, and activity planning.

Let us understand it with an example.

Mark owns an ice cream business. He makes ice cream in small batches, and his USP is fresh fruit-flavored ice creams. For him, the quality of raw material matters the most to maintain the quality and flavors of the ice cream.

He has a collection team who has knowledge of farming or are involved in the agriculture sector. They visit farmers to collect fresh fruits and milk. His team goes around the city and collects these raw materials from different places. 

Mark’s team is well-versed in verifying the quality of the raw material. But they lack when it comes to time management. They are not good at organizing their schedule and making collections on time. They randomly travel to locations, sometimes miss a collection point, and reach late to collect milk. The way they approach this leads to not reaching the collection location on time.

There were two major challenges Mark was facing. First, he was not able to start ice cream preparation on time as he was not receiving raw materials on time. The other major issue was that Mark’s relationship with the farmers was being affected. When his team doesn’t reach the farmers on time or does not reach them at all, it creates a negative impression of Mark on them. 

Mark’s business is running well, and he can not afford to break deals with farmers nor afford a shortage of ice cream when he has certain party orders to deliver. He needs a permanent and reliable solution to this problem.

That is when MappyField jumps in. MappyField is a location intelligence tool that can help his team to reach faster, schedule appointments, and allow Mark to track the on field activities.

Mark integrated MappyField with his Dynamics 365 CRM. Now, Mark is able to see all the collection points on the map. His visualization power has increased, so he smartly divided territories among the collection team. Thus, the onfield collection team is not going to random places but is assigned a specific area.

The next thing Mark did was to create an optimized route for each member using MappyField 365. The route will collect all the collection centers and be the shortest path possible. He shared these routes with his team, which are accessible on their phones.

The other thing Mark did to organize the collection timings was appointment scheduling. He educated his team about the auto-scheduling feature of MappyField, where his team can schedule appointments with the farmers to fix the collection time. They can auto-schedule appointments where they visit daily. Now, the farmers will know when the collector will come. Thus, they are now able to plan their day accordingly.

Adding to this, Mark is now able to keep track of all the collections, whether it is happening on time or not. He will immediately know if any of his team is in trouble and can not reach the other location. He can assign this task to another member of the team who is nearby.

This is possible because of MappyField’s Live Tracking feature. Mark can view the live locations of his team from his office. He can also check whether everyone is using the assigned route or has taken any alternative routes.

The team reaching the collection point on time is extremely important for Mark. Earlier, he had no idea when his team was going for collection. But now, with MappyField, he is able to track all the timings. MappyField shows all the timings of appointments that are completed and a list of upcoming activities. All this is possible due to a feature called auto check-in. It marks the time when the collector reaches the client’s location. 

Mark is now able to start preparation as he knows where his team is and by when they will reach him with all milk and fruits. If he receives an urgent order for which he would require more raw material, he can simply assign a new task to the sales rep near the collection center. The collector would see the assigned appointment and reach there using the updated, optimized route from Mappyfield.  

MappyField helped Mark to overcome all the challenges he was facing, especially related to timings. The auto appointment scheduling really helps in clarifying the timings and not keeping anyone waiting.

If you want to streamline your workflow, especially if you have an on-field team, contact us at [email protected]. There is a lot more that Dynamics 365 CRM users can do with MappyField. For more information, visit our website

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