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In today’s day and age, the way businesses operate has shifted drastically. Running a business without using some sort of software or technology is unimaginable. It helps them to accelerate business processes and meet their customers’ needs. At the same time, they need to stay abreast of technology updates.

Regardless of their size, digital transformation is the need of the hour for any business to stay ahead. However, new technology adoption can be complex and challenging. Your employees and customers can find it difficult to use new software or may need training to use it well.

That’s where a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) can help streamline digital change.

So, what exactly is a digital adoption platform (DAP)? In this blog post, we will discuss what a DAP is and how it enables digital transformation. Let’s get started.

Understanding Digital Adoption Platform

Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is software designed for users to enhance their digital transformation efforts and simplify the adoption of the latest technologies. This no-code software provides step-by-step instructions, walkthroughs, and more to the users, helping them understand a specific software or technology.

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Importance of DAP in Reducing Cost of Digital Transformation

Digital Adoption

For any business, one of the most challenging tasks is to make employees, customers, and other stakeholders familiar with the new software and technology. A digital adoption platform not only makes this task easier for them but also cost-effective. DAP helps streamline the learning process by offering a wide range of benefits to organizations and users, such as:

  • Self-Help Features
  • Knowledge-Base Articles
  • Dynamic Walkthroughs
  • Smart Notifications
  • Dashboards and Analytics
  • Team Spaces and In-App Notifications

In fact, a DAP becomes the cornerstone of the change management process and new technology adoption by:

  • Creating a common platform for learning
  • Building a collaborative culture, encouraging participation from all stakeholders
  • Providing useful insights to understand how your business is performing and identify areas for improvement

All this not only reduces the manual effort and cost required to train employees and onboard other stakeholders but also results in fewer support tickets with the increased use of self-help features.

DAP for Salesforce-powered Communities

When it comes to Salesforce-powered communities, there is unlimited potential for customer engagement and retention when used effectively. However, if you don’t make user adoption easy for your community, it cannot provide benefits to your business. And in order to do it, it is important to keep your stakeholders at the core of your digital adoption efforts.

A digital adoption platform helps employees navigate your community, participate in its activities, and learn from it directly, making them feel more confident and connected with your brand. Besides, DAP helps:

  • Making the onboarding process easier with dynamic walkthroughs
  • Enabling a smoother transition for employees to a new community by elaborating on the app changes and process
  • Providing self-service or in-community support so that users can get the right answers and guidance to complete crucial tasks
  • Minimizing the manual effort of training employees

GuideIn: Making Employee Onboarding onto your Salesforce-Powered Community a Breeze

Effective and smooth user onboarding results in increased engagement, productivity, and retention. And to make the onboarding process smoother in Salesforce-powered communities, Grazitti aces have come up with a solution called GuideIn.

GuideIn is a Salesforce-native, Lightning-ready solution that allows businesses to onboard new users, train their employees, and broadcast change in Salesforce-powered communities. It uses special guides and walkthroughs that make the onboarding and training process easy. With its rich GUI, it can help businesses create personalized user onboarding experiences, track tour progress, and help employees stay on top of onboarding tasks.

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Technological change is inevitable. So, to sail through the digital change smoothly, businesses can bank on DAPs. By making DAP a cornerstone of digital transformation, businesses can engage employees, develop their skills, and unleash their potential to embrace change. DAPs help businesses get the maximum out of their investment in new technologies and minimize the training costs that would otherwise be incurred if a manual approach is followed for change enablement.

Want to Start Your Digital Transformation Initiatives With a DAP? Talk to Us!

And if you want to explore GuideIn to make your online community more engaging, our Salesforce experts will be happy to pitch in. For more questions, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we will take it from there.

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