Commerce Cloud Genie: What’s New?

Salesforce Genie paves the way for highly personalized customer experiences, delivered in real-time. If there’s a time when milliseconds matter – it’s eCommerce. Consumers expect speed, or will quickly resort to abandoning their cart.

From “discovery to delivery”, Commerce Cloud Genie is a fast and flexible platform that decides fulfillment based on the customer’s profile, leverages AI-powered merchandising, and tailors shopping experiences based on real-time browsing behavior.

Genie ingests and stores real-time data streams at massive scale, and combines it with Salesforce data. The aim is to reconcile all the many identities one individual could have across the hundreds of apps your organization uses. The result? A single, cleaned record for each individual customer.

Salesforce Announce the Genie Platform

Commerce Cloud Genie feeds shopping behavior immediately into your command center (within the Sales or Service Consoles). View everything about the customer in one screen – customer’s interactions, real-time purchases, key details, and the predicted next best action, served up by Einstein.

Commerce Cloud Genie wraps in other functionality and opportunities, including:

  • Salesforce for Retail Media
  • Composable Storefront
  • Commerce Partner Marketplace
  • Store Associate App
  • Salesforce Payments
  • CDP Azure Storage Connector
  • MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail

Salesforce for Retail Media

Activate first-party data to gain audience insights, targeting abilities, and the resources to grow advertising revenues.

  • Harmonize first-party data to provide ad buyers with direct access to target audiences.
  • Use automation and workflows to streamline advertiser relationships, drive operational efficiencies, and accelerate sales cycles.
  • Optimize campaign performance with actionable insights and timely reporting. Innovations and partnerships create seamless shopping experiences with Commerce Cloud

Composable Storefront

Take a headless commerce approach – separating your front-end eCommerce experience from the back-end platform – while offloading site hosting, security, and scalability to Salesforce.

The new storefront is decoupled from the back-end, meaning businesses can “compose” their own unique brand experiences – keeping up with evolving customer preferences, without the need for expensive architecture or development overheads, ultimately, driving down costs.

New in 2023, there’s an API, pre-selected implementation accelerators, and out-of-the-box analytics and dashboards that help personalize experiences based on shopper context.

Commerce Partner Marketplace

Commerce Cloud’s trusted partner ecosystem features vendors offering pre-packaged integrations and accelerators for a headless commerce architecture. Buying vs building speeds up time to value and reduces your total cost of ownership.

At the tail-end of 2022, Salesforce announced it will bring more than 250 commerce partner apps to the AppExchange. By the end of February 2023, the listings will include commerce partners such as Algolia, Akeneo, Adyen, Bambuser, Bazaarvoice, Bringg,, Forter, InRiver, Ordergroove, Predict Spring, Threekit Visual Commerce, Uniform, Yottaa – with hundreds more coming during the year. 

Store Associate App

Give in-store associates customer insights and inventory levels, bridging the gap between digital and physical shopping, still maintaining a highly-personalized shopping experience.

Transform the store into a fulfillment center, including ship-from-store functionality, Buy Online Pickup In-Store, omnichannel inventory visibility, and personalized clienteling.

Salesforce Payments

Achieve a single view of transactions across digital and physical stores with a new partnership between Mad Mobile, Stripe, and Salesforce. Merchants can use Salesforce Payments as their payment service provider in physical stores in conjunction with Mad Mobile as the POS and Stripe Terminal for payment services and hardware.

CDP Azure Storage Connector

Connect to Azure Data Lake to enrich customer profiles and drive personalization across channels. The CDP Azure Storage Connector securely ingests data into Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform, powered by Genie Customer Data Cloud.

MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail

Synchronize customer, sales order, product, and inventory data across systems to create a single shopper view quickly, personalize marketing interactions easily, and view real-time inventory reliably with the MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail.

You May Have Missed…

There’s been more happening in the Commerce Cloud space recently – and these innovations that deliver ever-richer, evermore rapid consumer experience will be supercharged with Genie’s capabilities and the Hyperforce infrastructure.

  • Incorporate AR, chatbots, and social media features to create rich shopping experiences.
  • 60-second deployments: Ship new updates, eliminating deployment risk, and giving developers the freedom to iterate features at any time.


With Commerce Cloud Genie, Salesforce aims to support you to increase margins, while improving customer experiences. Deciding fulfillment based on the customer’s profile, leveraging AI-powered merchandising, and tailoring shopping experiences based on real-time browsing behavior will keep your brand competitive.

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