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During the process of creating a video, the motion artist/ illustrator always creates a visual mood board for the client to approve the final flow of the video draft. Though the human ability to understand alphabetic/numeric data develops with age and experience the assimilation of information is always quicker with visual objects, charts, graphs, symbols, etc.

Team Maplytics has been brainstorming on this human tendency and has been assimilating the same for functionality development of Maplytics, the preferred geo-analytical mapping app of the Microsoft AppSource.

One of the in-demand features of Maplytics enables the visualization of CRM Records on Map in the form of pushpins. These pushpins can be customized in various colors, forms, or patterns. There are a few inbuilt pushpin designs that can be used to differentiate the different categories of records. However, the property of this pushpin feature that is most used is its complete customization. This property encourages the users to completely change the look and feel of the pushpins to coincide with the record type or as per their understanding and requirement.

For instance, the sales team of packaged soft drinks can change the pushpins to the logo/ image of the soft drink variety they sell, and the regions selling specific varieties can be quickly visualized and highlighted at a glance.Sounds intriguing, eh? Let us have a deep down into the benefits of custom pushpins

During regular presentations to the Management, the Sales and Marketing Teams can use the Maplytics live instance display or screenshots of the same to give a visual context to the stakeholders. In these, instead of showing records with normal pushpins, presenting them with an entity or a symbol that represents the records, makes understanding the context easier.

A local non-profit can plot its branches in a particular region and present those in a meeting with potential sponsors or donors as seen below. The foster homes under their management could be denoted by other representative pushpins. The data can be interpreted effectively without much explanation or peering.

Custom Pushpins

An organization has multiple business partners. Segregating their sources, or areas of functionality becomes tricky at times. Having differentiating pushpins with relevant images may make analysis quicker.

As seen below, the locations of various social media partners/ influencers can be differentiated based on the media they function for using the social media logos as pushpins. As a result, the time taken to explain which pushpin belongs to which media is saved.

Custom Pushpins

Differentiation among similar entities

With distinct pushpins representing the category of the records in concern, segregating the records becomes easier. The distinction can be viewed easily.

A transport company has two different kinds of trucks available for two different types of goods. The Blue truck has a freezer facility whereas the Red truck can transport liquids effectively. As per the requirement at any particular time, the trucks can be summoned that are nearest to the required location by plotting their current location on the map. It becomes easy for the decision makers as well to call the truck with the required temperature control facility instead of calling and then checking.

Custom Pushpins

To the point presentations

The presentations that contain minimum alpha-numeric content and maximum graphical or pictorial depiction encourage verbal communication, discussion, focused and thorough understanding. Such presentations have a higher retention and recollection rate because of the symbolic things or images used as representative highlights. A presentation with screenshots of actual site maps/ visuals with the information displayed in a pictorial form reduces the alpha-numeric data entries and keeps the slides crisp.

The penetration of self-checkout kiosks as against the traditional POS kiosks can be quickly viewed on the map by customizing the pushpins. Standard pushpins need an explanatory statement of what they denote whereas customized ones are self-explanatory. Even after the statement of purpose, engaging the mind to understand what colored/shaped pushpin denotes what entity takes time and could be a bit confusing. The representative pushpins however scream their existence and association without assistance.  If a screenshot comparison as this is included in a presentation, the gist could be precisely delivered concisely.

                Custom Pushpins           Custom Pushpins

Personalization and beyond

A blue-colored pushpin could denote multiple things such as Annual Revenue, Industry, Leads, Sales, etc. in a presentation/ report. What the pin denotes needs to be specified every time. However, with complete personalization, the symbolic pushpins themselves shall state what they stand for.

The spread of a woman’s emergency contact center could be easily distinguished from a common emergency contact center as below, without any indicative specifics needed.

Custom Pushpins

Personalizing pushpins in this way, eases the entire business process and creates an optimized view of a plethora of data.

There is a lot to explore about the outstanding unique features of Maplytics and a good trial will help in realizing it! You can write to us at [email protected]  for your mapping queries, a free trial of 15 days, or a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse.

To learn more about Maplytics, its applications across industries, and another multitude of features, do visit our Website or the Microsoft AppSource. For further details, you can hop on to our Blogs, Client Testimonials, and Video Library.

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