Dynamics 365 CRM Apps Webinar Marathon – Boost Productivity this Holiday Season!

Ho Ho Ho! Winter is coming and soon it will be time to take the decorations out of the boxes and light up your homes and streets with twinkling lights. Although this holiday season is quiet, many of us think about the deadlines we have to meet before giving us a little rest. To help you get through that November doldrums, we’re launching an Inogic webinar marathon to help you automate and increase workplace efficiency and being more productive during the holiday season so more time is spent on holiday planning than worrying about restoring deleted CRM data or lead or document management.

Did you know “Automation boosts sales productivity by 14.5% and reduces marketing overheads by 12.2%”?

Well, Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation, the popular Productivity App of Inogic, helps salespeople and marketers by systematically assigning or distributing the Leads generated from different sources to the respective Dynamics 365 CRM users. It helps managers to allocate and distribute incoming leads and customer queries in an organized way to ensure proper workflow within teams. Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation increases efficiency resulting in elevated sales and profits.

Here is a quick demo for further details.

If this short description & the Demo interest you about our product further, rush & book your seat for our exciting webinar on the same. Invest your time at the right place and get ready for an engaging session highlighting the features with a Demo.

Webinar 1 – No more cherry-picking – Automate Assignment of Leads/Cases in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM!

November 02 | 9 AM, 12 PM  & 3 PM US EST

In this webinar, we shall be having a look at the following features of Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation for Sales Process Automation

Distributing leads/work items using Round Robin
Assign leads/work Items based on individual user’s capacity
Monitor and analyze assigned work leads/items and much more!

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and Register now!

Following is a schedule of upcoming webinars covering a wide variety of products, helping with managing and boosting the speed of everyday activities. Do have a look! Registering for webinars gets your first access delivered directly to you at 9 AM, 12 PM & 3 PM US EST on the webinar date. The other webinars in the series are as follows-

Webinar 2 – QuickBooks Online and Dynamics 365 CRM Online integration- Get a 360-degree view of Customer Data!

November 09| 9 AM, 12 PM & 3 PM US EST

In this webinar, let’s learn how with InoLink the Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource, helps you integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Online & QuickBooks Online to manage customer data and financial data on one platform.

Webinar 3 – Dynamics 365 Mailchimp integration – Unified View of Marketing insights for your sales!

November 16| 9 AM, 12 PM & 3 PM US EST

In this webinar, let us learn how our Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource-Marketing4Dynamics seamlessly integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with Mailchimp along with their marketing statistics data to ensure quick and easy access to information without switching between the applications.

Webinar 4 – Automate, Simplify & Manage Subscriptions, Recurring Billing & Tax Calculations in Dynamics 365 CRM

November 30| 9 AM, 12 PM & 3 PM US EST

This webinar covers how Inogic’s Microsoft AppSource preferred Subscription and Recurring Billing Management App can streamline all your sales activities with automated billing capabilities for automating your manual subscription needs.

Webinar 5- 1 Click to Restore/Clone/Export – Boost your Dynamics 365 CRM productivity with just 1 Click!

December 7| 9 AM, 12 PM& 3 PM US EST

This webinar imparts how you can get your daily routine mundane tasks done in just 1 click. Introducing our popular suite of 1 Click Productivity Apps – Click2Clone, Click2Export & Undo2Restore  which also are Preferred Apps on Microsoft AppSource, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users can automate processes and reduce their daily workload.

To experience more of Inogic, you can always download a free trial of 15 days of our preferred apps from our website or Microsoft AppSource. For more details, a personalized free Demo, or other queries simply mail us at crm@inogic.com.

Let’s make these Holidays… Happy Holidays!

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