Flows in Salesforce – Some Expert Tips to Take On

Here mention some tips on flows which is very useful for everyone to start working on Flows and also mention some use cases to practice on Flows. This is very Helpful for Everyone.

Here is the flow best practice before working on flow.

  • Documentation
  • Naming Conversion
  • Null/empty check
  • Avoid nesting loop
  • Handle fault path
  • Build reusable flow ( sub-flow)
  • Evaluate your trigger automation
  • Supercharge flow with invocable apex
  • Avoid hard-coding IDs
  • Test as many permutations of your flow as you possibly can
  • Build a bypass in your flows for data loads.
  • Don’t use the complex formulas in the entry condition

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Best Use Cases in Flows

  1. Notification For Lead Source
  2. Lead Last Status Change Date
  3. Account Owner Change Date
  4. Opportunity Close Date Update Today
  5. Auto Add Opportunity Team based on Account Address
  6. Managing Followers’ Records On Opportunity
  7. Email To Product Team
  8. Outbound Message
  9. Send Automatic Out of Office Replies on Chatter
  10. Auto Assign Permission Set to new user
  11. Auto Freeze User
  12. Lead Update Chatter Post Reminder
  13. Check for Open Past due tasks on the Account
  14. Match Lead name with Contact Name
  15. Mass Lead Addition on Campaigns
  16. Send Mass Emails to Contacts
  17. Allows Users to Mass Transfer Records
  18. Bid from the screen on Opportunity
  19. Display a notice on Login & Restrict Login
  20. Lead Update Chatter Post Reminder

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