Fuel Your B2B Marketing Strategy with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Are you thinking of using a top-quality marketing automation tool? Yes, it can take your marketing efforts to the highest level. However, when you begin your search, the variety of options on the market will surprise you.

The question is, which one is best for your business? It all depends on your business’s needs. There is a growing need for marketers to design targeted, data-driven, and omnichannel messages. The market landscape has seen a dramatic shift over the years.

Delivering an experience that is 1:1 with the customer is vital to satisfy the demands of both prospective and existing customers. According to Forrester, 52% of B2B marketers intend to boost their investment in personalization technologies.

This is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud is your most reliable partner. In this article, we’ll examine the capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud that make it a leader in technology and how you can make the most of it for B2B business marketing.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features

It allows you to create one-to-one customer journeys on a large scale by helping you identify the points of contact with customers and their interactions. Journey Builder assists you in building personal relationships through using event-driven triggers.

    • They are utilizing data from customers to learn about their needs and preferences.
    • Connect customers across channels like the internet and mobile, social media apps, and more.
    • Utilizing Journey Builder Analytics to measure the performance across all channels and offer an improved customer experience.
    • Coordinating the marketing and sales teams, using data points to generate leads, scheduling follow-ups, and turning prospects into sales.

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The tool allows you to see the customer experience in real time and interact with them via any interaction. It provides cross-channel insights about customers by studying the journey they follow across devices and channels. It provides relevant and beneficial experiences by prioritizing what messages are viewed by frequency capping.

It helps marketers develop more innovative email marketing campaigns using information from every department and reaching customers through any device to provide personalized experiences. In Email Studio, you can send thousands of emails a single time.

You can also modify the message to meet your customer’s requirements at each phase of their journey. Also, it uses Salesforce’s Einstein Engagement Scoring feature to identify the segments of customers who are most likely to engage with your messages.

This software comes equipped with powerful features for data-driven marketing. It assists businesses in taking the next step in digital advertising by overseeing their acquisition, retargeting, and alignment of campaigns.

Rethink Your B2B Marketing Strategy Through Salesforce Marketing Cloud

If marketers don’t communicate with the right people, they’re just talking in vain. That’s the reason B2B brands are increasingly shifting towards account-based advertising. ABM allows them to target businesses, but not individuals, and has higher chances of conversion. Furthermore, sales and marketing teams can collaborate using ABM, making an application such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud the perfect solution for the two. Salesforce Marketing Cloud can supercharge your ABM efforts through the following:

  • Sending targeted messages to the correct accounts. It is possible to customize your content through the use of appropriate templates, focusing on businesses that are located in specific regions.
  • Utilizing Einstein capabilities to help you automate the gathering of information about your accounts and predict the steps that will improve your marketing and analyze campaign performance.
  • Automating the management of ABM campaigns. This helps you save lots of time and effort and lets you manage many accounts with minimal lifting.
    The benefits associated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud are not just limited to ABM. From a broad perspective, it can help B2B companies to increase their sales.
  • Get a single perspective of your customers.
  • Personalize your communication by using Einstein AI.
  • Offer suggestions of activities that will motivate customers to act using its predictive capabilities and insights into customer behavior.
  • Track customers’ journeys and evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns using AI and Analytics 360.

Customizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Your B2B Marketing

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a solid platform. But, to improve your marketing strategies and make them more effective, you can enhance this platform to improve the experience. Here’s a brief overview of how you can go about it:

  • Customer Journey Planning

    • The majority of companies move all of their information to the Marketing Cloud. But, this isn’t the most efficient method to do it. To ensure that it’s efficient, it is essential to establish the customer journey before you begin. Here are some steps to begin:
    • You must define your customers’ access to the buying journey. For example, if you include them the moment they register, you can make it a field within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance.
    • Find the data points that allow your customers to decide.
    • Discover these data sources that will help you to personalize your messages. This will allow you to filter out the data you want to sync.

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The most important thing is to keep track of the reports you send to your campaigns. However, you won’t need all of the metrics for reporting. We recommend creating your reports that are based on data. For instance, you can choose which metrics you’re attracted to and concentrate on the areas that are important to you.

  • Collaborating with Sales Cloud

This means that leads from marketing will be continuously updated in the Sales Cloud and helps connect the Marketing and Sales teams.


Since businesses must continuously increase their personalization efforts in marketing, the ever-growing demand for marketers to interact with customers on different channels and offer them personal experiences creates Salesforce Marketing Cloud as an ideal option.

If you have any concerns regarding the power and how to improve your marketing processes using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, feel free to email Innovadel Technologies. Innovadel is a Certified B2B Marketing Cloud Partner. We have an expert resource pool who’ll understand your business and offer extraordinary services.

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