Get Started With AI: 3 Freemium Salesforce Einstein Features

I recently decided to learn something new by diving into the world of Einstein products. But where is the best place to start? With the “free” ones, of course!

In this post, we will explore Einstein Next Best Action, Einstein Prediction Builder, and Einstein Discovery, while explaining the freemium allowance you get based on your edition.

Einstein Next Best Action (NBA)

With Einstein Next Best Action you use a flow like a point-and-click interface to serve up recommendations against specific Salesforce records.

Examples could be:

  • Is the customer likely to churn? If so, offer a discount.
  • Is there an upsell opportunity? If so, create an Opportunity.

Using the context of Salesforce records, recommendations are presented in real-time, and can also be based on Predictions from Einstein Prediction Builder. Should a recommendation be accepted, a screen flow will be launched to perform that action.

Freemium Allowance:

With Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions you get 5,000 requests per month for free. You can purchase additional requests in blocks of 10,000 or utilize other licenses such as Service Cloud Einstein or Lightning Platform Plus to increase your allowance. More on licensing here.

Note: Each time the recommendation component loads it counts as a “request”. This is then taken from your allowance, so it’s easy to get through your freemium allowance quickly.

Einstein Prediction Builder

Using Einstein Prediction Builder, you can predict two types of outcomes: a Yes/No or Numeric.

Examples include:

  • Projected Revenue (Numeric).
  • Is the customer going to pay their invoice on time? (Yes/No).

When considering requirements for this feature you need to assess if the outcome could be quantified as a number or a yes/no probability. If not, you’d need to consider another tool.

When this is combined with Next Best Action, your predictions could power a recommendation on a record level so that a Salesforce User can take the necessary action.

The tool itself is built around the premise of clicks, not code and as such, there is a wizard to help you set up a new prediction. Once a prediction is built, the system will prepare a scorecard to illustrate how accurate the model is. If you have a score <50, this is worse than a random 50/50 result, and a score of >95 suggests bias.

Freemium Allowance

This feature is licensed so that in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions you can have one prediction active at a time. If you are considering upgrading to a paid version to get more predictions, then check out the Salesforce Help article here.

Einstein Discovery

The power of Einstein Discovery presents your data to you as a story, so you’ll know the current status of your pipeline, for example. Like the other Einstein tools mentioned here, this focuses on clicks, not code.

With this tool, you can choose to produce a story with either insights only or insights and predictions, with the form taking the shortest time to complete. You can use the API to interact with insights, predictions, improvements, and related objects in a programmatic approach.

Freemium Allowance

You are unlikely to have access to this without a paid license, unless you have B2B Marketing Analytics Plus.


Whether you are an admin, architect, business analyst, or developer hopefully this article has provided insights as to how this suite of Einstein tools can help your Salesforce org.

A Guide to 50+ Salesforce Einstein AI Products and Tools

Via the power of point-and-click, you can quickly get up and running and start to realize the business value of being more proactive to prevent customer churn.

If you are a partner and want to certify your understanding of these products, you can do as I did and take the Accredited Professional Exams in the Partner Learning Camp – you may just learn something new along the way!


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