How Commerce Leaders Can Drive Revenue Now

Your contact or customer service centers aren’t cheap. A single call can cost, on average, $15 to $25, not to mention the cost of customer frustration from having to wait on hold. That’s a challenge for your business at a time when most companies are looking for new ways to cut costs while driving revenue through existing resources.

This is also an increasingly complex time for service teams: 

  • Since Nov. 1, nearly one out of every five orders placed this holiday season have been for pickup. 
  • Returns nearly doubled the week after Cyber Week compared to the previous year, and have remained high since then. 
  • Chatbot messages globally increased 57% on Black Friday and 53% on Cyber Monday compared to the same days in 2021.

That’s why, today, I’m thrilled to share the news about a new product offer designed to solve all of these pressing issues. I know you’re going to get a holiday retrospective on the calendar soon and I invite you to consider this option to help you drive operational efficiency and deliver loyalty-building experiences that drive revenue in 2023.  

What’s new

The Commerce Order Management System (OMS) Value Bundle helps customers save costs, increase productivity, and drive revenue, all while staying within budget. 

It does this by:

  • Removing the need for agents to toggle between systems for customer information and real-time inventory data. By bringing service and commerce data into a centralized console, your agents have a 360-degree view of every customer and easily accessible tools needed to service customer requests quickly. 
  • Generating more revenue by enabling agents to cross-sell, upsell and start outbound outreach when assisting customers with service issues. For example, a customer calling to exchange a pair of shoes can be made aware of supporting footwear accessories that are on sale by the agent. This empowers your agents to become shopping advisors with tools to recommend products and order items on their behalf, increasing overall cart value. 
  • Streamlining operations by leveraging automation to assist customers with simple tasks. Contact centers can automate tasks like simple returns, cancellations or “where’s my order” requests. By connecting Order Management to Einstein Bots on a storefront, your customers can experience a self-service journey and agents can spend more time on tasks that require a human touch, like showcasing empathy to customers and building long-term relationships.
  • Cutting costs with real-time inventory visibility and fulfillment automation. You can automatically route orders from the closest location, delivering orders faster and in a more eco-friendly way. You can do this all while gaining the flexibility to fulfill orders from distribution centers, the store, or curbside pickup.
  • Partnering with pre-selected Commerce Cloud implementation accelerators – such as Slalom, Capgemini and OSF Digital – to reduce implementation costs and expedite time-to-value.

What customers are saying

Australian appliance manufacturer Fisher & Paykel uses Commerce Cloud order management to drive success now.

“Traditionally order management at an ERP level doesn’t usually have the tooling that lends itself to effectively communicating with customers. Centralized and automated order management for commerce, combined with customer service, is an incredible differentiator for our business,” said Rudi Khoury, executive vice president of marketing and customer experience for Fisher and Paykel.

How much you can save

The Commerce OMS Value Bundle will provide customers with the order servicing, fulfillment and connected commerce solutions they need now. On average, Commerce Cloud customers save up to 30% with the Commerce OMS Value Bundle relative to comparable solutions.*

*Savings reflects percentage off the non-discounted Salesforce offering list price(s). Offer open until 1/31/23 and subject to change without notice. Implementation services available may vary based on customer needs and will be subject to additional terms. Restrictions and exclusions apply. Contact your sales representative to learn more.

Maximize savings with the Commerce OMS Value Bundle

This bundle combines order management and predefined partner implementation packages for faster time to value into one affordable package so you can start seeing up to a 30% savings today.

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