How Does Salesforce Genie Impact Your Business?

Salesforce Genie, a real-time platform, powers customer magic. Your teams are able to meet your customers where they are unlike ever before by harmonizing data that is updated every millisecond. ​​With the first-ever real-time CRM, you can empower Customer 360 with the power of current data. Your ability to create magical experiences with Genie is limitless.


With out-of-the-box connectors, you can connect all of your customer data at scale from any app, device, or real-time stream.


Automatically combine all of your data into a single customer graph.


Unified customer profiles that adjust to their activity in real-time can empower any department and any industry.


In crucial situations where milliseconds count most, create magical experiences for your clients. Every business can quickly and easily understand all of its data from any system, channel, or data stream, thanks to Salesforce Genie. A unified customer profile record is created by combining data from each stage of the customer experience. The ability to instantly create an unmatched level of personalization using that real-time customer profile feels spectacular.

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Deliver Customer Magic in all of your Endeavours with Salesforce Genie

Real-time Data

Utilize Salesforce Genie to your advantage to create a single customer view based on real-time customer behaviour and take action across Customer 360.

Intelligent Experiences

To automatically customize experiences with Salesforce Einstein, use the unified customer data profiles provided by Genie.

Strengthening Automation

Salesforce Flow uses real-time data from Genie to surface the most pertinent workflows.

Reliable Infrastructure

Security, compliance, and privacy are already built into Hyperforce, so Genie scales as your business expands. Salesforce genie is real-time, which means it collects and unifies data in milliseconds and allows brands to act instantly. The action could be a product offer for something a customer is considering right now versus something they already purchased last week. Or a service interaction for a problem a customer is currently experiencing. This enables a new level of customer interaction that was previously unavailable to brands. It facilitates all of your teams, including those in sales, service, marketing, commerce, and other areas, to instantly modify the experiences they offer in response to events taking place in your customers’ lives. In each of these cases, real-time, connected data is the decisive factor. The initial product to do so is Salesforce Genie.

How Does Salesforce Genie Work?

A component of the Salesforce platform, which serves as the heart of the entire Customer 360, is Salesforce Genie. Each cloud improves as we add functionality to it. Bringing intelligence and automation to every experience across sales, service, marketing, and commerce, we did this previously with Flow and then again with Einstein. Access to real-time data across all clouds is made more accessible by the inclusion of Salesforce Genie in the Salesforce platform.

Link all of Your Devices

Salesforce was created to primarily handle transactional data before Genie. Our existing transactional database is now enhanced by Salesforce Genie’s capacity to process enormous volumes of data in real time. Data stored in Genie is visible and usable by Customer 360 because, like all other Salesforce platform features, it was developed using Salesforce metadata.

Integrate your Data

We developed a set of data models that we call the Customer Graph based on our experience working with business applications for more than 20 years. This data model combines all of these data streams into a single customer profile. After that, it doesn’t matter where or how each piece of data came from because it’s all included in the profile.

The way Salesforce Genie resolves identities is crucial to this process because it allows you to compile a customer’s entire history of interactions with your brand, both known and anonymous, into a single profile.

Make the Experience Better

All of that data can be resolved by Salesforce Genie so that you are no longer viewing each customer through a specific lens. For example, a customer may open an app on their smart TV or on their mobile device. You can now treat each customer as an individual rather than just another transaction or account number. And lastly, best practices for data ethics and privacy have been incorporated throughout the development of Salesforce Genie. The Salesforce Platform most importantly adds a layer of data policy management to Salesforce Genie so that users can maintain the security of their data and adhere to international regulatory compliance standardsAre you ready to unleash the power and magic of Salesforce Genie? Get in touch with our experts at Apphienz by visiting our website.

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