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Is a CPQ Solution for Dynamics 365 Sales a good investment for 2023?

With Sales Kickoff 2023 just around the corner, many companies are making plans for a great team-building event. During this time, organizations will share their business strategy for the coming year hoping to motivate their sales team to work together to achieve or surpass the goals set for 2023. Getting an early start with sales training can make all the difference between a mediocre year and a prosperous one.

Jam packed with strategic endeavors, SKO isn’t without its drawbacks. According to Gartner, 70% of sales pros fail to retain information gained from training for more than a week, and 87%  forget within a month. Unless there is a clear, concise, and focused set of takeaways from the event (and we don’t mean the company-branded pens or socks) the time and expense of the event won’t provide much ROI.

Agile CPQ for Dynamics 365 is a gift you can give your sales team that will keep on giving throughout 2023, and beyond.

Although technology is more advanced than ever, according to Copper/Outfunnel data, 1 in 3 B2B companies still rely on manual sales processes. True, many are using CPQ software – in fact, it’s considered essential in the B2B sector – such solutions often stand apart as a separate tool amongst a host of other applications loosely coupled and most often than not difficult to manage. As a result, error-prone quotes still take hours if not days to produce, and cause deals to take weeks or even months to close.

A modern, agile CPQ that integrates with the CRM you already have, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, is key to meeting or exceeding your sales goals in 2023. Imagine streamlined quote and approval workflows, creating proposals that are generated at the click of a button with up-to-date and accurate pricing and all the appropriate le,customers’ included! A cutting-edge CPQ solution eliminates all the manual drudgery that sales teams hate and provides the intelligent automation that team leaders love.

Agile CPQ enables rapid quoting, empowering your sales team to create and send professional proposals to clients in just a few minutes while increasing productivity by as much as 20%, as was the case with SourceScrub. Deal size increases by 15% while reducing proposal errors by 95%, as it did for Sendoso.

What makes an agile CPQ solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 “agile”?

It’s a combination of three core strengths. While some solutions produce highly accurate quotes, their cumbersome processes take days to generate proposals. Others facilitate rapid quote creation but often fail in accuracy, making it difficult to keep up-to-date with current pricing structures. Some are very customizable for both sales professionals and customers but lack good automation features. A truly “agile” solution capitalizes on all three areas: accuracy, speed, and the user and customer experience. And it doesn’t get in the way of the efficient processes you already have in place. Rather it fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, blending together to become a single source of truth and a powerful quoting tool for your salespeople, helping them get more done in less time.

Agile CPQ is a low-code solution built on the Dynamics 365 platform

Of course, you’re thinking, “That’s a great idea, but we can’t afford the time it takes to implement and configure it.” You’d be surprised at just how quickly it can be done – with a low-code approach, an agile CPQ can be up and running in just a few weeks.

Asure Software, a Human Capital Management solution provider is one such company.  With over 500 products on offer to their nearly 80,000 customers worldwide, new sales representatives faced the overwhelming task of becoming familiar with all their offerings,  often taking them a year or more. While being trained, they weren’t able to sell to their full potential, which wasn’t a good customer experience, nor was it helping Asure’s bottom line. However, after implementing agile CPQ and a dynamic sales playbook, Asure reduced their training time by 85%! Team productivity also went up by 20% overall.

How long do you think it took to see those stellar results? Just six short weeks. Shortly thereafter, it was rolled out to the entire Sales team, and their agile CPQ solution is at the heart of every sale, guaranteeing every proposal is 100% accurate and consistent across the entire company. Every deal brings in maximum revenue.

Without a doubt, you’re striving for the same kind of results. By now you’re ready to engage your sales team with a strategy to make 2023 the best year yet. You’re already most of the way there, especially with a well-implemented Dynamics 365 CRM. Now add in the tool that will cement your success: a modern, agile CPQ that will turn your strategy into reality.

It’s never too late. Contact us to learn more about what agile CPQ can do for you.


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