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“I don’t really want to keep a watch, but I’d like to be aware of where the sales reps are, so I can guide them in real-time, address ad hoc requests quickly by redirecting them to the right locations, or even jump to their aid in case of an SOS”, Brad called out to his colleagues at the meeting. Brad and the other Sales Managers had all gathered for their weekly meeting. Brad had been using the Real-time tracking feature in the Maplytics app for the last month in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. The change in Brad’s productivity, his relaxed state of mind, and best of all, improved team performance had not gone unnoticed. The Sales Managers were keen to see how they could reap the same benefits by integrating Maps within their CRM using Maplytics in their daily operations and were intent on a deep dive into the functionality.

Brad was running a presentation on the functionality along with its benefits for the Managers and the Sales Reps.

“Once the Manager has enabled the tracking for a rep, the time to refresh the status could be provided at per convenience. The reps then need to download and install the Maplytics App from the Playstore or the Appstore on their cell phones, logging in with their CRM credentials and enabling the tracking. The user is also able to see their location on the map and can disable the tracking after completing their client visits during the day.

Real Time tracking

The Users/ Resources can be visible in the following manner over the map with Today’s Plan and Location History available for viewing.

Real Time tracking

Sales and other Modules

The ‘Today’s Plan’ button will allow managers to view routes assigned to the respective rep/resource to be followed today as well as the route that is being traveled by the respective rep/resource in real-time, and the appointments assigned to them for today.

The following information is visible on the Summary Card about the Appointment Timestamp.

Real Time tracking

The ‘Location History’ button will allow the managers to view the routes that have been traveled by the reps/resources in the past.

Following is the information on the Summary Card

Real Time tracking

Field Service

Real-time tracking caters to other traveling Field reps on the go for servicing, installations, repairs, etc. as well, apart from the Sales Reps. The Booking Timestamp for the Field Service Reps on the Summary Card appears as follows:

Real Time tracking

The Location History appears as follows:

Users can use Real-Time Tracking within the Field Service App/Dynamics CRM app/Dynamics CRM Sales App as well, just like the way explained above for desktops. They appear as follows:”

Real Time Traking

The Sales Managers were thrilled to know travel history could be saved and used to analyze performance and enhance future travels. Brad then forwarded a Blog link giving more details about the benefits of the feature and stressing how Real-time tracking had a brighter side when looked at and used with the right perspective.

The potential of Mzaplytics and its features when understood can work wonders for any business and Sales Manager like Brad. To explore them further, do have a look at our Blogs and Video Library. Also, write us your mapping needs at [email protected] and get a free demo and a Q/A session scheduled especially based on your requirements.

Until then,Happy Mapping!

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