How to insert ReCAPTCHA in Web-to-Case form on Website in Salesforce?

Salesforce’s websites are developed and used for a long time. These apps can provide better functionality and performance, but at the same time are more prone to bot attacks. Now to make secure these applications, one can use and implement the following reCAPTCHA code in his Salesforce, which can enhance the security of the Salesforce web app, by providing it with a new and secured platform. Following is a step-by-step procedure with a screenshot, to integrate reCAPTCHA with the Salesforce web app.

You can follow the following steps:

  • Login to Salesforce and go to setup from the screw icon.
  • Search for “web-to-case” in Quick Box and click on “Web-to-Case HTML Generator”.
  • In Web-to-Case HTML Generator, Select the fields to include from available fields to select.
  • In the URL field enter the URL on which you want to return the form after submission.

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  • Tick “include reCAPTCHA in HTML”.
  • Now open a new tab and search for
  • Fill the information in forms like Domain and Label without including www. in the URL.
  • Select reCAPTCHA v2 and further select according to requirement, accept the T&C, and click submit.
  • Here we can see two columns Site key and the Secret key.
  • Then, go back to the salesforce tab, and click on the search icon next to a text field in front of “reCAPTCHA API Key Pair”.
  • In the new popup, tab click on New then copy and paste the Secret key and site key in that fields and give an API name, click Save.
  • Click generate you will find an HTML code copy that code and paste it into your website HTML and adjust your styling.





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