How To Track Emails In Microsoft Dynamics 365?

It’s important to keep track of all your customer interactions, and email communications are key. Create a central repository of your Outlook email communications by “tracking” them in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook.

When you track an email message in Dynamics 365 for Outlook, the email is saved as an activity record in Customer Engagement. Then you or anyone who has the access to your activity records can view that email message along with all other customer activities in Customer Engagement, Dynamics 365 for Outlook, or on a mobile device.

Track an email message

1. In Dynamics 365 for Outlook, select the email message you want to track.

2. To track the email message and link it to a particular record in Customer Engagement, on the Home tab, in the Customer Engagement group, click Set Regarding, click More, and then search for the record in the LookUp Record dialog box. After you find the record you want, click Add.

3. When you click the Track button or the Set Regarding button, a Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement pane (also known as the “tracking pane”) appears at the bottom of the email record. This page shows that the record is tracked and provides links to related records. If you set a “regarding” record, the tracking pane also provides a link to that record.

4. To modify the Customer Engagement activity record (for example, to change the regarding record), open the email message in Outlook, and then, in the Customer Engagement group, click View in Dynamics 365 apps.

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