How, Why, and Can you Avoid It?

When you set out to construct the Power Apps portal, you have to take on certain responsibilities: assign roles to users, edit pages, and make a few other required changes. It is imperative that every change you make is instantly reflected on the portal. For this to happen smoothly, you must clear the cache routinely.

Clearing the cache regularly is important because it helps ensure that every latest update to the portal metadata and DATAVERSE info is readily evident on the Power Apps portal.

The Power Apps portal makes use of cache to improve the portal’s general performance. This suggests that the portal does not make an explicit request to the Dataverse for singular data updates. If it were to send such a direct request, Dynamics 365 portal’s performance would be very sluggish. Nonetheless, we will have a disadvantage.

In the case of an internal app (like custom model-driven or Dynamics 365) or update using flow or some other integrations to make updates in Dataverse, the changes may not be noticeable on the Dynamics 365 portal.

PortalXpand Alternative of PowerApps Portal

Go through the following steps to learn how to clear cache as an admin member:

Clear Cache While Working With Power Apps Portals

If you are the portal admin, your role allows you to clear the cache on the server-side of the portal so that it can easily show the changes made thereafter in the Dynamics 365 portal in real-time.

as an administrator

Portal User With Administrator role inD365

[Portal User With Administrator role inD365]

Log in the portal by Admin user

[Log in the portal by Admin user]

Navigate to the URL as given below: /_services/about.

Navigate to the URL

After going through the above steps, you will find yourself in the portal details page. Click on “Clear Cache” to clear the cache. 

Note: There is one thing that needs to be taken into consideration here – when you clear the portal’s configuration tables’ cache or server-side cache, it may cause temporary degradation to the performance while it loads the data from Dataverse.


When you clear cache in this way, it may cause some friction. Everytime there is an update, it will take a minute to fetch the updated info. We offer PortalXpand which provides you with real-time integration of data so your users will always get updated information without any discontinuity.

PortalXapnd, a Dynamics 365 Customer Portal offers a lot more, and can manage to match the capabilities of the PowerApps portal.

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