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This MindMajix video on Informatica MDM will help you know in detail about base object table, staging table, external match table, raw tables, landing table, support table, meta data table etc. MDM is a way of maintaining business data as an individual coherent system. We use MDM to guarantee the authenticity of data, and this data is in different formats that accumulate from various data sources. And it is accountable for data analytics choice-making, data initiatives, AI training, and digital transformation.

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0:00:00 Introduction to Mindmajix0:00:25 Agenda0:01:12 Batch Process Flow0:01:52 Schema0:03:23 Base Object Party RJ0:08:10 Advanced Section0:14:33 Columns0:15:27 Show system Columns0:17:54 Relationships0:19:34 Staging Tables0:19:53 External Match Table0:23:29 Audit Trail and Delta Detection0:28:30 Landing Tables0:28:44 Landing Party RJ0:30:45 New Base Object Table0:32:45 Base Object Party Hr0:32:49 Columns Section0:39:10 Create New Column0:41:28 Enable Histroy Tables0:43:41 Stagining Tables0:44:11 Systems and Trust0:48:54 Columns Level0:50:20 Landing Party Hr0:51:29 Mappings Section0:55:14 Staging Table Properties0:55:58 Batch Process Flow0:59:53 Data Model1:00:02 Source Systems1:00:37 Landing Process1:00:41 Landing Tables1:02:06 Base Objects1:02:18 XREF Tables1:04:16 Staging Table1:05:38 Stage Process1:05:47 Basic Mappings1:05:51 Demo – Mapping Tool1:06:00 Mappings – Query Parameters1:06:25 Mappings – Test Mappings1:08:56 Batch Viewer1:13:52 Map CKR Party Hr1:28:35 Load from Stage CKR Party Hr

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