Inogic: Helping CXOs Achieve Their Digital Transformation Goals with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Technology plays a crucial role in driving growth and innovation in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. As companies continue to leverage technology for business transformation, CXOs assist in achieving their digital transformation goals. Customer experience is a critical element in any business. It can significantly affect customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention, ultimately impacting revenue and profitability. To provide an excellent customer experience, businesses need to ensure that their customer relationship management (CRM) systems are optimized to meet their unique needs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is a powerful tool enabling businesses to streamline operations, increase productivity, and enhance customer engagement.

The complexity of these platforms, however, means CXOs often require specialized expertise to ensure successful implementation, adoption, and optimization, and that’s where Inogic comes into the picture. At Inogic, we understand that business engagement is all about building strong partnerships and entrusting your business processes to a reliable and capable partner. That’s why we offer a cost-effective, customized, and flexible engagement model to help businesses improve their operations and drive growth. We believe that a successful partnership should be flexible and adaptable to create a win-win relationship. With over 15 years of industry experience and an expert team, we can more efficiently equip your business with proven solutions that match the size and scale of your operations. Our engagement models incorporate industry best practices and the latest technology to support your business goals.

There are several engagement models to choose from, depending on the specific needs and goals of the company. These models include:

Outsourced Development

Outsourced development can be a smart choice for companies seeking to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform without the necessary expertise in-house. This approach allows businesses to benefit from the knowledge and skills of experienced developers while also reducing their workload and focusing on core activities. Moreover, outsourcing development can often be more cost-effective than hiring and training new employees or maintaining an internal development team. With Inogic’s expertise, CXOs can help businesses leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform to enhance their operations and drive growth.

Offshore Delivery Centre

An Offshore Delivery Centre (ODC) sets up a remote team in another country for specific business processes or projects. It extends your IT team, providing excellent service quality while sharing responsibility for the product development cycle. Outsourcing has become a crucial part of business management, and our guided and supported ODC offers a range of IT services. In today’s market, businesses are seeking to outsource software development projects to ODCs to create more flexible business models. Inogic’s experienced workforce expedites businesses project, offering high-quality development, cost efficiency, faster time-to-market, expansion into new markets, and scalable teams.

Dedicated FTE Developer Teams

Dedicated FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) developer teams are a valuable resource for organizations seeking to build and maintain custom solutions on the Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform. These platforms offer a robust set of tools for creating, managing, and analyzing customer data and business processes, but they can be complex and require specialized expertise to use effectively. By forming a dedicated FTE developer team, organizations can ensure they have a skilled and experienced group of professionals who can work together to create, implement, and manage solutions on these platforms. These teams can also provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the solutions remain effective and up-to-date as business needs evolve. Inogic’s FTE developer team can also help CXOs better manage their development processes and improve collaboration.

At Inogic, we focus on saving costs and ensuring a better quality of services along with a business continuity plan. Our project management capabilities and world-class quality standards ensure that you get solutions that give businesses a new and competitive edge. Whether you choose Outsourced Development, Offshore Delivery Centre, or Dedicated FTE Developer Teams, our goal is to assist you in making the right choice from strategy to implementation. Inogic offers a comprehensive service that can help CXOs achieve their business objectives. Whether it’s cost savings, quality services, strategic assistance, or business continuity planning, we’re here to provide support and guidance every step of the way.

The Inogic Techno Consulting Professional Service solution is intended to enable everyone in your business to deliver to their full capacity. By choosing Inogic, a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, you can accomplish automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployment through proper planning and competent execution. We are widely recognized for providing best-in-class Microsoft CRM solutions when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics 365 customization and configuration. Inogic’s industry expertise can assist you in accelerating process flow, improving efficiency, and gaining precision and seamlessness across your industrial environment. Our extensive CRM expertise of more than 15 years has enabled us to give exceptional Microsoft Dynamics 365 services with genuine customer satisfaction and superior quality, allowing you to elevate your professional service practices and begin optimizing potential growth and scalability.

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