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This a season of joyous celebrations, holidays, spending good time with family and friends, and time to reflect on accomplishments and make plans for the New Year. We would like to thank and appreciate all of our clients and partners for a successful partnership in 2022 and look forward to connecting and working more closely in the new year. You inspired us to move forward and innovate more apps, add more helpful features to our current apps and provide speedy and high-quality services through your wonderful feedback, recommendations, and support.

Let us look back at a few memories of 2022 and keep this growing to the next level like each year in the past!

New additions to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM app family in 2022

Our team of experienced and innovative experts at Inogic worked tirelessly this year also to design apps to harness the most from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. In 2022 we launched three apps to improve user adoption and productivity of Dynamic 365 CRM.

The year started with the launch of Gamifics365 yes your favorite Gamification is back in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to improve user adoption, enhance productivity, and achieve company goals.

We re-launched your favorite Click2Undo as Undo2Restore so all you need is one Click to Undo changes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Records in Bulk – Restore History Changes & Deleted CRM Records as well!

Another feather in Inogic’s cap is our latest app Business Process Checklist. Be it large, medium, or small businesses all need assistance in designing smart sales processes, and our Business Process Checklist does just this and the way you want it to.

Maps integration within Dynamics 365 CRM now with improved features and interface!

For business sustenance in a world of uncertainties, constant growth, development, and improvement are a necessity. With some amazing feedback from our users and partners, we have added some cool features to our current suite of enviable products.

Team Maplytics added some prominent features like real-time tracking of field reps in Dynamics CRM, Multi-Search layers in PCF, and Multi-Address plotting, at the beginning of 2022.

This was elevated with an enhanced user interface for the Dynamics 365 Mobile App, a new PCF Control, and an improved personalized Dashboard view during the fall of 2022.

Team Inogic also added alerts in multiple languages and message-rich features in Alert4Dynamics.

New connections: Collaborations and Customers

Finally, in-Person conferences are back and it was so exciting to meet our Dynamics CRM and Power Apps friends at Community Summit, and mingle and get acquainted with like-minded people. The experts from Team Inogic displayed exceptional features of Maplytics in-depth during an hour-long Live Partner Solutions Showcase during the Summit.

A big thank you to CRM Software Blog, Power Community, GYDE365, and MSDyamics World for Community engagement and knowledge sharing.

Giving back to the Community

Inogic also conducts free webinars to give insight into our product’s functioning, uses, and benefits. In the year 2022, Inogic conducted 30+ webinars on our productivity apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse.

Our team of technical experts contributed to the Dynamics community by actively answering 250+ forum questions.

Our blogs are telling unconventional stories in a unique way for CRM users, partners, and acquaintances. Our team of expert content writers brainstormed and researched to create unconventional stories in the form of blogs and we have posted 200+ technical and marketing blogs on multiple platforms in 2022.

Milestones etched

In the year 2022, team Inogic touched several milestones. We have created separate web space for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Professional Services. This was not all; we also redesigned Inogic and Maplytics websites to provide a better user experience to our clients and partners. We redesigned our old office to provide the best feel and comfort to our team. With the expanding team, Inogic has added a new spacious office space to its address.

Our heartfelt gratitude to everybody who was a part of this journey!

The path only looks upwards from here. 2023 will see us implementing innovation with much more zeal and delivering smart solutions and high-quality services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform.

Cheers to a remarkable past 12 months and Let’s make the next 12 even better!

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