{Know} Layering Solutions in Power Apps

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Today i am going to share Solution Layers in Power Apps.
Lets gets started.
Unmanaged and Managed Soltions exist at different layers within a Microsoft Dataverse Environment. Solution Layering is at component level.
Two types of layers:

Unmanaged Layer: As we know all new solution developments start at unmanaged solution and on and off customizations exist at this layer. All unmanaged solutions share a single unmanaged layer.


Managed Layer: All imported, managed solutions and all system solution exist at this level. if multiple managed solutions installed, the last one installed is above the managed solution installed previously. if two managed solutions have conflicting definitions, the runtime behavior is either “Last one wins” or a merge logic is implemented.

    Note: If managed solution is uninstalled, the managed solution below it takes effect. if you uninstall all unmanged solutions….

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