Meet Zig the Zebra, the sales community champion

What do a zebra and a Salesblazer have in common? The answer is pretty black and white.

When we launched the Salesblazer Community, we knew we needed a character to represent the largest and most successful community for sales professionals of all stripes — someone to be your champion. 

Meet Zig the Zebra. She’s brave, resilient, and strategic — and loves working with the herd to get things done. She’s the ultimate Salesblazer.

Dig in to learn a bit more about Zig, and how she can help you navigate the ever-changing world of sales. 

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All about Zig the Zebra

Name: Zig the Zebra

Height: 6’0

Pronouns: She/Her

Birthday: May 4, 2023

First Appearance: World Tour New York 2023

Favorite Badge: Sales Cloud Basics

Favorite Quote: “Value the relationship more than the quota.” — Jeff Gitomer, author and sales expert

Who is Zig? And why a zebra?  

Think of your favorite sports team, if you have one. Or even your favorite fast food chain. Chances are, the mascot you picture on the sidelines is the ultimate hype person. They hoot and holler, uplift and inspire, and give the community something to rally around. 

Zig is that for Salesblazers. She travels in a dazzle (the word for a herd of zebras), makes a plan before making a move, and values relationships more than leading the pack. She also models the qualities of the quintessential Salesblazer: a dynamic, creative, courageous go-getter with a give-to-get philosophy. As Zig’s creator, Trailhead Executive Director Domenique Sillett Buxton, said, “Zig has earned her stripes within the sales industry and it’s now her mission to help bring Salesblazers together.”

In fact, it’s uncanny how perfect a fit Zig is for sales. After all, zebras and salespeople are both:

  • Original: No two zebras are alike. Each zebra has a distinctive coat of stripes as unique as fingerprints. Like exceptional salespeople, Zig uses originality to adapt, succeed, and inspire others to be authentic.
  • Intelligent: Zebras are brilliant, well-rounded creatures with natural abilities and skills that set them apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. They’re gifted problem-solvers, just like Salesblazers looking to level up in their jobs and careers. 
  • Resilient: Zig and other Salesblazers know that with the right skills and a trusted support network, they can overcome any challenges. 
  • Collaborative: Zebras are team players that keep their herds supported, protected, and alert. That’s why Zig prefers to hang out in tight-knit communities that offer support and mutual respect. 
  • Strategic: Zig is daring, courageous, and gutsy — but that doesn’t mean she jumps in without a plan. She carefully considers every move so she can guide her dazzle of zebras in the right direction. 

In essence, Zig the Zebra is the model Salesblazer. She believes anyone can succeed in sales and is here to inspire our community to learn, connect, and grow. 

A Zebra in the zone

Like you, Zig is always on the go. Be sure to say hello when you see her in the Salesblazer Community, at events like Dreamforce, and on social media. 

Welcome to the Salesforce family, Zig!

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