Microsoft Viva Sales – a new seller experience application.

Exciting news for salespeople allowing them to connect with their customers more than ever!

Microsoft Corporation announced the launch of an extension of Microsoft’s existing Viva product line- Microsoft Viva Sales. Microsoft Viva is a platform that offers a combination of various features, such as a learning platform, a space for connecting and sharing internal information between members of the sales team, communication, and insights to improve the employee experience.

Viva Sales enhances any CRM system with customer engagement data from Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365, including PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and Outlook, using AI as a provider of personalized recommendations and vision. AI used in Viva Sales helps catalogue all the information about your clients under their contact in CRM. Another useful feature is that Viva Sales creates a summary and transcript of your calls with clients, analyzes and advises on the next steps that may be needed for further quality interactions and engagement with your customer to shorten your deal cycle and crush your sales.

The main goal of Viva Sales is to reduce the manual compiling of information by sales teams, when using different Microsoft 365 office applications and Microsoft Teams collaboration services.

As a company grows it accumulates more information about customers. Sale teams spend an enormous amount of time manually entering all the data they gather from calls and meetings with their clients. And the fact is many salespeople and their leadership would rather spend their time selling than doing this kind of administrative work.

In summary, it is important to highlight the new features that Viva Sales offer allowing sales teams to simplify their daily routines by aggregating information across different applications, maintaining a single flow, and not moving from one application to another resulting in time savings and increased effectiveness.

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