Multi-Factor Authentication in Salesforce – A Short Guide

In today’s world, it is very important for everyone to keep their data safe and secure. Since we all use different websites for different purposes and store personal data on those websites, it is very important to protect your data from misuse.  

We use different methods to protect our data, but most of us use passwords to protect our data. Salesforce has a feature to keep your data safe and secure, and that feature is called “multi-factor authentication.”  

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What Does Multi-factor Authentication Mean?

Multi-factor authentication is Salesforce’s method of authentication that includes two factors that prove a user’s identity. The first factor is a username and password, and the second factor is an authenticator app or security key verification method.  

Multi-factor Authentication Method:

Salesforce Authenticator:  

This is a mobile app available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This app integrates nicely with your Salesforce organization. Enter your username and password, click Sign In, and your phrase will appear as a push notification in the Salesforce Authenticator app. From the app, he writes a phrase on the website that only he can log into the Salesforce organization.  

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Third-party Authentication Application:  

An application that creates a unique, temporary verification code that users can enter to verify their identity. This code is known as a “time-based one-time password” or TOTP 

Security key:  

A security key is a physical USB drive that is externally attached to verify your identity.

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