Overcome Challenges With Dynamics 365 Map

Do you find territory management difficult?

The majority of businesses lack a suitable tool for mapping CRM data. And that is why they lack visualization of data and the insights that come with it.

It leaves room for mistakes like entering incorrect data or missing data. This means that you’re missing out on good opportunities, which could ultimately cost your company.

More information is required to accurately define territories and assign them to sales reps. If the territories are not perfectly curated, your sales representatives may be knocking on the same door.

Let’s talk more about how these issues affect your company and what you can do to resolve them.

Challenges While Creating Territories and its Solutions

If you have unbalanced territories, it can trouble your sales team. For example, one territory would have 10 accounts while the other one would have 20. You have only one sales rep assigned to each territory. First, it will be an unfair distribution of work because one sales rep will have 10 clients to care for while the other has double. The sales rep with 20 accounts would not be able to complete his target or might not be able to serve the customer well. Whatever the case, unfair distribution of work directly impacts the quality of service. If a territory has fewer accounts or is over-resourced, it will cost more to your business. Hence, a perfectly balanced territory is essential because of factors like workload distribution of sales reps, high-value accounts, customer service, and more. 


MappyField lets you create territories on a map using shapes, drawings, or regions. This helps you make territories in a way you can reach more prospects. Thus, it becomes easy for managers to make data-driven decisions and strategies that will bring results. Now, it is not necessary that you would make perfect territories in one go. Managers might need suggestions from superiors and colleagues. So, rather than creating a territory, you can draft one. Once everything is sorted, you can create a territory out of it or just delete it. Thus, you have a chance to make changes in the territory before finalizing it.  

You should have demographic data of territories if you want to increase sales. If you don’t know anything about the people living in those territories, it is difficult to estimate.

The chances of closing more deals increase when you are aware of the requirements of your customers. For example, you should also have sufficient knowledge of the climate in the territory. If you are selling winter jackets, it is better to target territories where the temperature drops a lot. Therefore, prior to approaching the target audience, accurate information regarding the weather conditions is essential and helpful to bring results.


With MappyField, you act more smartly and gain more output with fewer efforts. Dynamics 365 map helps with all the necessary information in an easy to understand interface. When your salespeople know their audience, they can make better decisions.

They will be able to filter the products and leads they have to approach. They won’t have to waste time approaching people who won’t buy the product because they won’t use it. Moreover, if there is a new lead near their current location, the map plugin enables them to locate the nearby account and make run-time adjustments to their schedule.

Many managers assign regions to sales representatives and not accounts. The sales rep’s job is to meet with all potential customers in that region. For instance, let’s divide a city into ten distinct areas. There are chances that your sales representatives may frequently visit each other’s locations. Re-visiting a client is a waste of time and effort.

This happens because sales have no tool to check the progress of any accounts. The sales reps add the clients they visited in a day. They submit the list to the managers at the end of the day. However, there are chances that there are common clients in some of their lists.

The other problem is the unequal number of clients in the territory. As a result, some might have to put in too much effort and some would not have enough customers to make a profit in case you give a commission per account.


It becomes unfair in numerous ways to directly assign a sales representative a piece of land to conquer. Some will have a lot of customers to contact, while others won’t have enough to reach their daily goals. As an organization, you need to keep the workload of sales reps evenly distributed. And that is where MappyField helps you.

The sales territory mapping plugin will make it simple for you to fix this problem. It will help managers to assign an equal number of accounts to sales reps. MappyField 365 lets you draw and create boundaries on a map and distribute clients to define regions.

Your sales representatives are less likely to cross each other’s territories when areas are clearly divided using zip codes. However, dividing territories according to zip codes can result in uneven work assignments for sales representatives.

However, with MappyField, you will have a total number of customers in the specified zip code. Thus, you can assign the required number of sales representatives in the territory. You can assign more sales representatives if certain regions have more customers.


You need to find ways to get around these limitations if you want to expand your business. MappyField 365 can help you with this. From a business perspective, your ultimate objective should be to ensure that no factors reduce the productivity of your sales representatives because it is ultimately linked to customer experience. MappyField will assist you with accomplishing both of these objectives. It will improve outcomes and streamline all of your work processes.

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