Overview of the Microsoft Power Platform

Organizations are increasingly turning to data to drive business outcomes. The cloud has become an effective platform for harnessing data and storing various business information that can be used for intelligent business operations. But how are companies leveraging this data to drive business impact? 

The Microsoft Power Platform is designed to help organizations utilize various types of data stored by their workers regardless of their technical abilities. It is designed to reduce the overall cost of customizations and automations and make technology more accessible to those who work on the front lines of a business. 

There are four product suites under the Microsoft Power Platform: 

Power BI   Power Apps   Power Automate  Power Virtual Agents  Power Pages

Even though each of the applications listed above are very strong on their own, their impact when combined as the Power Platform is a game changer for many organizations. Built on a completely new application platform, the solution provides businesses with an opportunity to Analyze, Act, and Automate. Essentially, there’s no limit to what you can create with Microsoft’s Power Platform.  

Microsoft Power Platform is designed to target industry experts who see new opportunities to create something better every day, without needing the knowledge to code. 

Power BI is a self-service business intelligence solution that lets you connect, analyze, and gain insights from the data that powers your business – data in the cloud, or in your data center; in an Excel spreadsheet, SharePoint, etc. 

Power Apps: is an application development platform for everyday employees. It allows users to build web and mobile applications without writing code. As with Power BI, Power Apps connects multiple business systems and databases together, making it easy for employees to connect with existing processes and data thus modernizing them. 

Power Automate:  is an intelligent process automation service that goes beyond simple task automation, allowing non-technical users to automate complex business processes and workflows. 

Power Virtual Agent: Empowers your employees to easily build intelligent chatbots and respond rapidly to customer and employee needs through intelligent chatbots. Putting this power to Analyze, Act and Automate in the hands of individuals who understand their business best, creates unimaginable transformation opportunities

Power Pages: is the perfect opportunity for everyone, regardless of the level of their technical background to easily create your business website from scratch using a low-code ready-to-go templates, with the help of new and exciting features, such as: Design studio; Template hub; Learn hub. Learn more about Power Pages

 To learn more about Power Platform watch our webinar on “An Introduction to the Microsoft Power Platform” (or) download our Power Platform benefits sheet!  

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