Resource Pay Types | Dynamics CRM Field Service

Resource pay types can be used to track your company’s costs associated with a resource booking. When the status of a resource booking record is set to “complete,” the system generates booking journal records, according to the time that a field agent spent performing the work.

The system can create one booking journal record for each of the following journal types: travel, working hours, break, overtime, and business closure, depending on the various resource booking statuses that the user applied to the resource booking while completing the work.

Booking journals will be created to calculate the cost of a resource booking, for each of the journal types, according to the following logic:

1. Work: Time the resource booking status is in progress while the resource is within their scheduled work hours.

2. Overtime: Time recorded outside a resource’s normal working hours.

3. Travel: Time the resource booking status is “traveling.”

4. Break: The time the resource booking status is “on break.”

5. Business Closure: Time recorded by a resource when the company is closed.

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