Rev Up Your Business With Top 10 Free Apps On Salesforce AppExchange

Do you know many apps on the Salesforce AppExchange can assist in streamlining your operation and boosting your bottom line without any additional cost? 

Installing those apps can enhance your sales process and add extra features without requiring custom development work. Thanks to this app store from Salesforce, you don’t need to browse for compatible apps. It provides a way to get free and paid apps by function, purpose, and even department.  

If you have yet to consider using AppExchange to access free business apps that can take your business to the next level, you should do so. To help you, here are the top apps freely available for use.  

“Experience the power of automation with the best 10 apps on Salesforce AppExchange.” 

What Is Salesforce AppExchange?

AppExchange is an online marketplace where Salesforce users browse, download, and install applications that extend the functionality of their Salesforce system. 

AppExchange offers various free and paid apps for different business needs, such as marketing, customer service, analytics, finance, and more. Salesforce partners, independent software vendors (ISVs), and developers who use the platform create and distribute their apps. 

Salesforce created it in 2005 and offers free and paid applications, including cloud-based applications, solutions, and consulting services. The benefits of Salesforce AppExchange solutions increase manifold due to over 7000 prebuilt apps and a network of consultants to help.  

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Top 10 Free Apps On AppExchange

Ditch- Comprehensive Lead Management

This free app is an excellent option for lead assignment and prioritization through scoring, advanced reporting, and analysis. Marketo and Pardot, the two leading marketing automation platforms, can easily integrate with the app to manage all about leads via a user-friendly dashboard. 

Whether sales representatives or managers, lead management becomes smooth, further enhancing sales processes and revenue growth with this app. 

MailChimp- An Email Marketing Solution

The truth is very far if you’re from those categories of people who believe email is becoming obsolete. Email is still adequate for speed, reach, free availability, and more. MailChimp is the app that brings the power of emails and Salesforce together.  

This solution lets you get separate data inside Salesforce to view campaign stats, contacts & subscribers management, and more. 

With many tools, the app automatically brings out contacts that match the sync criteria you provide inside Salesforce. Currently, the app is available for Professionals, Enterprises, Unlimited,, and Developers. Data Import/Export/Deletion App lets you quickly import, export, and delete data from Salesforce. It is invaluable in case of migrating data from an old CRM to a new one or while uploading a new set of contacts from a CSV. 

On the world’s leading app marketplace, this app facilitates data import/export from sources like DropBox, FTP, sFTP, and Box. The app enables exporting a set of accounts to share with other stakeholders via automatic scheduling hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.  

Field Dumper- Extract Data Model To Excel

Field Dumber is a quick and easy way to document the objects and fields in your organization for free. This app works like a charm to extract the fields set up in the system. Field Dumper helps you see all the vital information about your database in one place, like a summary in an Excel spreadsheet. 

S- Docs- Create and Sign Documents In Multiple Formats

S-Docs is a tool that lets you create professional-looking documents, such as quotes and proposals for potential customers quickly. There are no special salesforce AppExchange requirements to access this app.  

One significant advantage of S-Docs is that all your data stays within Salesforce. It makes it very secure and affordable because it requires no extra infrastructure.  

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Duplicate Check For Salesforce- Duplicate Data Management

When using Salesforce, it’s essential to maintain clean data for your contacts, accounts, and leads. Duplicate records cause several problems, including incorrect reporting, wasted resources, and loss of customer credibility. 

The app helps eliminate data duplication problems. Additionally, it checks and prevents duplicate data when manual entry, data import, or automatic record creation in Salesforce. 

Box- Share, Access, And Manage Files

The need often arises to share, access, and manage files within Salesforce and Salesforce1. In those circumstances, this app on the SF AppExchange comes handy.  

Zapier – Connect All Your Web Apps

With integration support of over 600 valuable apps such as MailChimp, Google Sheets, Stripe, Unbounce, Gravity Forms, and more, this tool on AppExchange is excellent. It eliminates repetitive tasks, automates the entire data copy, and moves across various web apps.  

Cloudanswer Report – Schedule And Send  Reports To Team

Scheduling the reports is complicated for Salesforce administrators. Cloudanswer makes it easy. What’s cool about this app is that you can even send these reports to people who don’t use Salesforce. 

Ebsta for LinkedIn – Combine The Power Of Salesforce And Linkedin

When used together, Salesforce and LinkedIn are powerful platforms that can significantly enhance your sales and marketing efforts. The Ebsta for LinkedIn on AppExchange allows sales reps to view Salesforce records alongside LinkedIn profiles.  

It gives them a more comprehensive view of their prospects and customers. They can also receive alerts when a relationship between a Salesforce record and LinkedIn profile changes.  

Let’s Conclude

Using these free apps, you can gain valuable insights about your prospects and customers and use this information to target your messaging better and improve your sales outreach. As the industry evolves, we may expect more innovative and practical apps to emerge on Salesforce AppExchange. So, make a good habit of exploring this leading marketplace to discover powerful apps.  

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