Salesforce Admin Configuration Kit: Design Your Security Model

With so many amazing resources out there, you would be forgiven for not knowing about Salesforce Admin Configuration Kits. In particular, the Security and Visibility Configuration Kit, which has been around since earlier this year, is a great tool to help you get started with security and visibility settings for new users in your Salesforce org.

In this guide, we’ll discover what an Admin Configuration Kit is, what information is covered and what you need to know about setting up Salesforce security and visibility in your organization. 

What Is an Admin Configuration Kit?

An Admin Configuration Kit is “a series of decision flows and diagrams that will guide you to a recommended solution.” It has been designed by Salesforce to provide you with a set of prompts, templates, and recommendations to ensure you get everything configured properly.

So far, Salesforce has released the Security and Visibility Configuration Kit, ideal for anyone getting started with security or anyone wanting to check that their org meets best practices.

Currently a 7-page downloadable PDF, this kit covers topics such as:

  • Organization-Wide Defaults (OWD)
  • Profiles
  • Permission Sets
  • Sharing Rules
  • Manual Sharing

What Is Salesforce Security and Visibility?

Security of a Salesforce org is of the utmost importance to ensure no unauthorized access — both internally and externally. This means understanding how user profiles, roles, and sharing settings work to restrict certain users from accessing records or performing functions. This topic is encompassed in “Configuration and Setup” in the admin exam, which is a whopping 20% of the questions!

Salesforce Administrator Certification Guide & Tips

The Salesforce Security and Visibility Configuration Kit will first walk you through how to gather your security and access requirements including:

Next, you’ll use the guided flow to determine record access including:

Top Tip: Remember that your OWD should always be your most restrictive use case!

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The Salesforce Security and Visibility Configuration Kit is a fantastic resource to help you plan security settings, object-level security, field-level security, and record access for your org. Be sure to pay attention to the best practice recommendations on the left-hand side of each page!

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