Salesforce | CPQ and CRM: The Best of both Worlds to Empower your Sales Teams

How efficient are your sales processes?

While there may not be a definitive answer to this question, it makes us rethink our sales processes and priorities. When it comes to efficiency in sales processes, there is always room for improvement, and there is no final destination.

Using CPQ and CRM in parallel has revolutionized the sales process for organizations worldwide. It is also one of the most interesting ways to maximize the efficiency of your sales process.


CPQ (Configure Price Quote) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are essential and different entities in a sales process that help to automate the sales process, reduce the sales cycles, streamline sales workflows, and seamlessly engage with the customer.

This blog will explore how integrating these two entities benefits sales teams, creating a match made in heaven.

Exploring How CRM & CPQ Work Together

CPQ is a tool that helps sales teams generate quotes and proposals quickly and accurately. It eliminates the manual processes involved in creating quotes and allows sales teams to focus on selling. In addition, CPQ automates pricing calculations and product and service selection and provides real-time data on inventory, margins, and discounts.

On the other hand, CRM is a tool that helps organizations manage their interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects. CRM provides a central repository of customer data and interaction history, which can be used to streamline sales processes and increase productivity.

Combining CPQ and CRM brings together the best of both worlds. Sales teams can access customer data directly from the CRM and use it to generate quotes with the help of CPQ. This eliminates the need to switch between different systems, reducing the time and effort required to create quotes and proposals.

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Combination of CPQ and CRM

Increased Quoting Accuracy

One of the key benefits of CPQ and CRM together is increased quoting accuracy. With CPQ and CRM in place, sales teams can ensure that quotes are accurate, up-to-date, and consistent. The combination eliminates the need for manual calculations, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that quotes are based on the latest pricing and product information. Additionally, this helps the sales teams to provide an exceptional customer experience and close deals faster.

Increased Quoting Efficiency

In addition, using CPQ alongside CRM allows sales teams to provide faster and more responsive quotes to customers. CPQ automates the quote generation process, allowing sales teams to respond to customer requests more quickly. With the integration of CPQ and CRM, sales teams can access customer data in real-time to provide tailored quotes that meet the specific needs of each customer.

Improved Team Collaboration

Combining CPQ and CRM improves collaboration as it helps sales teams work closely with other business functions to generate quotes and proposals, share customer data and insights, and streamline the sales process. Having Salesforce CPQ and CRM integrated, sales teams can access data from a single location, eliminating the need to switch between different systems. This allows sales teams to work more efficiently, reducing the time and effort required to close deals.

Holistic Sales Process Visibility

CPQ and CRM present in a system/business can provide better visibility into the sales process. For example, with CPQ, sales teams can track the progress of quotes and proposals, monitor the status of orders, and see how sales impact the bottom line. This helps sales teams make informed decisions about improving their processes and increasing productivity.

Valuable Customer Insights

In addition, using CPQ and CRM together provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. With access to customer data and interaction history, sales teams can better understand the needs of their customers and develop targeted sales strategies. This allows sales teams to build stronger customer relationships, increase customer satisfaction, and drive sales.

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Guided Selling for Sales Reps

CPQ and CRM play a vital role in empowering sales reps with abundant information at different stages of selling. For example, Salesforce CPQ creates a guided selling process that helps them create a streamlined user interface. Guided selling in CPQ allows sales reps to reduce the time required to choose the right product by filtering products based on their attributes rather than going through the entire product list. This feature shortens the sales cycle and enables sales reps to recommend the right product to the customer.

Finally, the combination of CPQ and CRM provides a seamless customer experience. It helps the sales teams provide customers with tailored quotes and proposals that meet their specific needs. This improves the overall customer experience, which can result in increased customer loyalty and repeat business.


The combination of CPQ and CRM offers the best of both worlds, where sales teams can streamline workflows, boost productivity, and provide a better customer experience. Using CPQ and CRM in parallel will ensure that your business maximizes the efficiency of the sales process and unlock the hidden potential of your CPQ and CRM systems.

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