Salesforce | Dreamforce 2022 Highlights – Everything You Need To Know

The Salesforce’s annual event, “Dreamforce” was held in San Francisco from September 21 to 23, completing their 20 years of magnificence. This year’s event was titled “The Great Reunion,” attended by 40k Salesforce enthusiasts, and approximately 150k streamed it virtually on the Salesforce+ platform. The global Salesforce community gathered at the event to share their experiences, and success insights and to learn about the latest technological Salesforce innovations

Numerous attendees were looking forward to knowing the latest advancements, keynotes, and sessions on how they can empower their businesses and grow their organizations with positive and enhanced productivity

Here are the Top Highlights and Keynotes of Dreamforce 2022:

Salesforce Genie

Salesforce announced its real-time customer magic platform, “Salesforce Genie,” enabling organizations to pave their path to personalized customer success with magic in real-time. Salesforce Genie is a dynamic Customer Data Platform that behaves as a command centre for the individual customer’s data by utilizing a single source of truth at a massive scale. 

Huddles Coworking and Slack Canvases Innovations

1. New Developer’s Platform

Salesforce declared a new developer’s platform in Open Beta, “Slack Digital HQ.” Developers can now automate their team’s and organization’s workflows by utilizing this platform with customizable and reusable building blocks deployed and shared across the Slack channel

2. Slack Canvas

Now acquire a collaborative place, i.e., Slack Canvas along the Slack channel to organize, assist and share the crucial resources and details for taking up action on Salesforce data in Slack directly.

3. Huddles Coworking

Avoid the hassle of meetup scheduling and jump into quick conversations with Slack Huddles. This advancement allows you to launch an audio call from anywhere, i.e., channel and direct messages and provides a way of solving issues and bridging your teams with your clients effectively.

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Net Zero Marketplace for Carbon Credits

Salesforce has announced its Net Zero Cloud to aid organizations in meeting their sustainability goals within Salesforce Ecosystem. This cloud and its marketplace accelerate organizations’ business journeys while automating emissions tracking, managing sustainability data, and forecasting risks.

The Carbon Credits marketplace for companies provides a way to track and reduce carbon emissions by combating climate change. Moreover, this marketplace is powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which connects buyers and entrepreneurs to have a seamless experience of purchasing carbon credits.

External Encryption System

Salesforce is looking for solutions to expand its Salesforce Hyperforce architecture into new regions, and that’s why it has launched External Encryption System. Leveraging these systems, organizations acquire effective data residency, scalability, agility, and security at an advanced level. 

With Salesforce Hyperforce, companies can hyper migrate their Salesforce Cloud products to major public clouds such as AWS, Azure, and Google. At present, Hyperforce is available in 10 countries and will be available in 17 countries in 2023.

Trailhead Ranger Stars

Salesforce has updated the Salesforce Winter’23 Release preview, in which they have acknowledged the trailblazer community and made changes in Trailhead Ranger ranks to Ranger Stars, i.e., from 100 badges to 600. The ranger ranks will consider a collection of ranks with which the trailblazers get the opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and dedication.

World’s Largest Enterprise Apps Company

Salesforce has provided FY23 guidance with which it is targeting to have $31B in revenue generation. Also, Salesforce will acknowledge its fiscal success with awards as “Leader in Philanthropy,” Leader In Innovation,” and “Leader In Culture.”

True To The Core (TTTC) Updates

As Salesforce considers its communities’ daily basis challenges, Salesforce introduces TTTC advancements for the communities to utilize for their day-to-day business operations. With this program, product Managers and Salesforce Executives can have designed sessions to have a roadmap for taking their business journey in a forwarding way.

Automation with Salesforce Flow

Salesforce understands that time consumption plays a crucial role in maximizing the productivity of an enterprise. That’s why Salesforce flow with automation was introduced to save 100 billion hours, an organization spent updating the records or data manually.

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Tap into Real-Time Predictions

Acquire intelligence reports with Salesforce Einstein’s productive tools to forecast 175 B predictions daily. With the launching of Salesforce Genie, now customers can make predictions in real time.

Free Licenses to Nonprofit organizations

Salesforce encourages many nonprofit organizations by providing free licenses and supporting their missions. Leveraging Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, these organizations have stepped up and achieved many milestones.

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