Salesforce Mobile Application – All You Need to Know About

Salesforce Mobile App is the mobile app of Salesforce which is more like of a Salesforce on the Go! This app provides you with the same kind of information that you would be seeing in the office itself. This comes in handy when you are running late due to an unforeseeable condition or you are on a flight moving somewhere or in case of a meeting with your client, else waiting for tea somewhere in a line.  

This Mobile app has most of your org customizations which helps in targeting your business needs. You can get the app for Android on the Play Store and for iOS, you can get it from the App store.

What is In the Salesforce Mobile App

 The Salesforce Mobile app comes up with all Salesforce orgs 

  •  Before using the Salesforce mobile app and creating its setup you should learn about the security features, what could be limitations while using the Salesforce mobile app, and what would be accessible to you while using the mobile app so in order to get the smooth usage of the mobile app.  
  • For setting up the mobile app for your use, learn about the device requirements and access for a better experience. 
  • You can customize the whole Salesforce mobile app as per your requirements like navigation, alteration of the branding, visibility of the users and etc.  
  • The advantage of using the mobile app is the work offline feature which will help your users not lose productive work when in case of power or internet failure. This feature can be rolled out by enabling caching and offline editing. this feature is available for android as well as iOS users.
  • The users can get their queries resolved about the usage of the mobile app from their Salesforce administrators and should forget to update the mobile app regularly else they would not be able to get the most out of it. 

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It is interesting to know most people use their phones more than 80 percent than the desktop. So, the mobile app is a thing which should not be ignored in any sense. With the app comes the:  

  • Faster connection with our customers – Most of the Apps like Ola, Uber and Zomato have their entire business models all around the app itself which gives the advantage of connected devices. 
  • Increase Productivity – Productivity gets increased with this usage as your business customers and users also organize their lives with it like maintenance and order, support and more. 
  • Work smarter and faster – With the AI-enabled Voice assistant and Einstein Analytics you get the power of making informed decisions. With the easily provided apps, you can tailor them as per your needs or create a new one with point-and-click tools. 




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Mobile has a very transformational impact on the business which is now being noticed by the companies and they are adapting this at a fast rate. With the changing customer needs all they want is easy-to-use experiences. So, provide seamlessly business apps and their solutions easily with the Salesforce mobile app. 

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