Salesforce MVP 2023 Nominations Are Open

United by a passion for innovation and love for the Salesforce Platform, Salesforce MVPs embody three key characteristics that drive their success: expertise, leadership, and generosity.

Program overview

The Salesforce MVP Program was started in 2010 to annually recognize Trailblazer Community experts who go above and beyond to help others succeed in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Connect with Trailblazers from anywhere

Join the conversation on the Trailblazer Community.

Currently, there are more than 200 Salesforce MVPs across 31 countries worldwide. Meet the current Salesforce MVPs to learn what they’re up to!

MVPs making an impact

All of our Salesforce MVPs are making incredible contributions to the Trailblazer Community. For example, Prag Ravichandran Kamalaveni was inspired by Salesforce MVPs when he started his Salesforce journey and was motivated to achieve their expertise and community contribution.

As a Salesforce MVP, my passion for teaching and mentoring has helped over 300 Trailblazers achieve their Salesforce Admin and Developer certifications.

Next, meet Tiffany Spencer. She’s the founder and CEO of Tech Forward Solutions, a nonprofit organization that exposes marginalized communities to cloud and software-as-a-service (SAAS)-based technologies. This opens up new career paths and helps participants become more marketable, obtain higher-paying jobs, and gain opportunities.

Tiffany has been recognized by her peers and the Trailblazer Community as a leader who’s passionate about moving the community forward.

As a Salesforce MVP,I’m honored to champion diversity and work alongside industry leaders who are supporting causes that are important to them.

Last but not least, Amanda Beard-Neilson is a London Admins Community Group Leader and co-organizer of London’s Calling, Europe’s largest community-led event.

Salesforce MVPs are selected for their commitment and impact within the Trailblazer Community. For me, that meant I was recognized and rewarded for doing things that I love!

Nominate a future Salesforce MVP

Know someone like Prag, Tiffany, or Amanda – a passionate product expert and community leader who helps others learn Salesforce and connect to the Trailblazer Community?

Now’s the time to honor them! Salesforce MVP Class of 2023 nominations are open now through December 4, 2022, so nominate a Trailblazer hero now.

Each year, Salesforce MVPs are carefully selected through a multi-phase nomination process involving the entire Trailblazer Community.

  • November 7-December 4, 2022: You may submit Salesforce MVP nominations when the nomination period is open. For the first time ever, you can now self-nominate! Remember, it only takes one nomination for a Trailblazer to become a Salesforce MVP, and we value quality over quantity of submissions. To learn more about nomination criteria, check out the Top 5 Things to Know About How We Choose Salesforce MVPs and visit the Salesforce MVP page.
  • December 2022: The Trailblazer Community team conducts initial nomination reviews. Then, Salesforce employees who are active in the Trailblazer Community, along with current Salesforce MVPs, provide feedback based on their experience with nominees. The Trailblazer Community team then conducts final nomination reviews.
  • Early 2023: Join us for a fun celebration as we announce the Salesforce MVP Class of 2023! We’ll congratulate our new and renewed Salesforce MVPs using #SalesforceMVP on social.

Nominate a Salesforce MVP

Benefits of being a Salesforce MVP

Salesforce MVPs are community leaders and product evangelists who represent the Salesforce brand. They attend regular meetings to understand community happenings, provide product and program feedback, and stay in close contact with the Trailblazer Community team.

With great responsibility comes great reward, and Salesforce MVPs enjoy many perks, including:

  • Access to private Slack channels
  • Event invites and speaking engagements
  • Certification and training opportunities
  • Mentorship and professional development
  • And, of course, swag!

From helping shape the future of the Salesforce Platform through their feedback to leading sessions at global events, Salesforce MVPs offer significant value to the entire Salesforce ecosystem. To learn more about their global impact, check out 12 Things I’ve Learned in 12 Years of Being an MVP from Salesforce MVP Geraldine Gray.

Nurturing future Salesforce MVPs and investing in the Hall of Fame

While we’re supporting current Salesforce MVPs with more recognition and professional development opportunities, we’re also committed to nurturing the future generation of Salesforce MVPs.

Beginning in 2023, we’re introducing a Salesforce MVP term limit to honor the lasting contributions of longstanding Salesforce MVPs while paving a path for more Trailblazer Community members to become Salesforce MVPs.

Discover MVP Office Hours

Regional Trailblazer Community Groups to engage and collaborate with community advocates about anything Salesforce.

Salesforce MVPs who have achieved 5 years of consecutive renewal will now be recognized with lifetime Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame status. While no longer active Salesforce MVPs, Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame members retain access to the Salesforce MVP Community through Slack channels and special events.

The Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame is no small feat; it’s the highest recognition awarded to longstanding Salesforce MVPs. This lifetime award celebrates exceptional Trailblazers who have driven monumental impact across Salesforce’s core values and serve as mentors to the next generation of Salesforce MVPs and the Trailblazer Community at large.

To celebrate these outstanding Trailblazers, Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame members will receive additional perks beginning in 2023, including:

  • A unique logo, social badges, and a visual identifier on the Salesforce MVP Directory
  • Professional development opportunities

Check out the Profiles of all current Salesforce MVPs and Hall of Fame members to learn about their skills, community activities, and more. Filter to find experts in specific products or regions, and then connect with them directly on the Trailblazer Community or through their social channels.

Nominate your Trailblazer heroes

Now, it’s time to nominate! Check out this handy Trailhead help article to learn how to go through the nomination process.

Remember, you can either self-nominate or nominate as many Trailblazers as you’d like. This includes friends, colleagues, or members of the Trailblazer Community who help others succeed in the Salesforce ecosystem with their expertise, leadership, and generosity.

Submit your nominations by December 4, 2022, at 11:59 pm PST.

Then, join the conversation on social. Follow #SalesforceMVP, #TrailblazerCommunity, and #Askforce for the latest updates on the Salesforce MVP Program, Trailhead—Salesforce’s free online learning program, and more.

Happy nominating!

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