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This area of the Salesforce platform is dedicated to supporting and helping our customers. As a result, customers are happier and more loyal, contributing to customer loyalty. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by servicing them faster than ever before, listening to each customer’s unique needs, and proactively solving customer problems. Ultimately, this improves the consumer experience, drives loyalty, and positively impacts sales.  

Business Goals Achieved by Using Service Cloud  

Provide each consumer with a pleasant service experience based on individual issues, past purchases and concerns. 24/7 service (always on).  

Multi-Channel Support – Connect with consumers on their favourite platforms: chat, phone, and mobile.  

Expedited Support Expedite the delivery of support services by managing various service requests from a single console  

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Service Cloud Capabilities  

All agent-assigned cases are managed in a single platform from the Service Console, so you can prioritize the work at hand. This allows you to provide a tailored experience for each customer. A knowledge base is used to store and manage customer interactions and solutions. This allows us to resolve issues more quickly.  

Social customer care allows consumers to be served on social media platforms themselves, without the need to visit and engage with various websites. This becomes even more important as more customers engage with your business through social media.  

The Live Agent feature’s signature chat service provides real-time online support 

The Salesforce1 mobile platform lets you manage your customer service from anywhere, on any device. Customers can help through the Service Cloud Community.  

Use service analytics to help customer service agents resolve issues faster, automate procedures, and improve team productivity

Automated workflows improve the effectiveness of your customer service team 

Includes built-in inventory and order management functionality.  

Improve call centre team efficiency with productivity solutions powered by AI and cloud-based telephony. Quickly set up a self-service help centre for your customers with easy ways to schedule appointments, check account balances, and pay bills.  

Give your customers multiple ways to reach out online, including email, social media, AI-powered live chat, and mobile messaging 

Consolidate all customer inquiries into a single ticketing system that is easy for your customer service team to manage.  

Comes with a field service solution (opens in a new tab) and adds remote support, onsite technical support using AI, and mobile integration to improve field worker efficiency and the range of services you can perform to expand.  

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