Single table search option in Dataverse Search

As we all know Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM introduces the Dataverse Search i.e. Global search box that lets you type a keyword and gets the results by scanning records across entities and fields. You can refer to our previous blog1 and blog2  which explains “Dataverse search” and its capability of global intelligent search. Recently Microsoft added one more feature i.e. Single table search option under Dataverse Search. Let’s see how to enable this feature.

Login to and select the environment and then click on Settings.

Once you are on the Settings page there is a Product section under that select Features, where you can see all the features.

You need to enable the Dataverse Search feature first. Once you enable the features you will be able to see the Global Search as shown below.

When you enter any keyword in the search box it will search records across the entities and fields. As we type “A datum” in the Search box it shows us the result of all matching Accounts and Competitors. Once we click on “Show more results for A datum”, it will give the result for all matching data for the entities.

Dataverse Search

In enhancement we are allowed to see the searched result for the selected table only. As shown in the below screenshot we have enabled the Single table search option feature.

Dataverse Search

Once we enable the feature the Global Search placeholder is visible as Search Entity (Accounts) and more

Dataverse Search

When we type any keyword in Dataverse Search, it will give us the option to see the results of that respective entity or of all the entities. If we click on Search Accounts for a datum it will only show the records from the Accounts entity.

Dataverse Search

Suppose a Salesperson in the organization who is working on Account records only wants to search the account records with a datum email domain then he will search for a datum and CRM will give him the result. By analyzing the records he can do further actions on the searched result such as Assign, Share and Email Link.

Dataverse Search

And when we click on Show more results for a datum then it will show results for all entities and fields.

Dataverse Search


The user can easily search results by entering the keyword for the selected entity

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