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In a highly competitive business world, start-ups are growing like never before. Although, being an entrepreneur requires hard work, dedication, and devotion. One must be skilled enough to navigate through challenges like having an idea, putting it into practice, getting guidance, recruiting staff, managing finances, developing a business plan, etc. Developing a business plan is one of the most crucial tasks for entrepreneurs.

Meet John! John is a seasoned sales professional with 25 years of experience working with renowned MNCs. John recently launched his own venture. As a founder of a start-up, he has a sizeable team to manage.

Setting up business processes is one of the most time-consuming tasks for John and his managers.  He was imagining that if CRM itself could do this for him and his managers and the executives will follow the to-do list and plan of action.

He was learning about different task management apps to streamline the business processes in his workplace because he is aware of the facts that how beneficial it could be for his new journey. Then he came across something that says, “With efficient business process management, users’ productivity will rise by 30–50%, the internal rate of return will increase by 15%, and project success rates will rise by 70–80%.”

He felt fascinated with the description and started wandering about the authenticity of those claims.

Yes, this is possible. Inogic’s innovative team has designed a brand-new application that streamlines and automates business process management within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

As Marshall McLuhan says, “Initially, we shape our tools, and then our tools shape us.”

Inogic recently released Business Process Checklist, our latest productivity app that improves task management. Our task management app is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.x and Dataverse. Click to download a free trial.

Business process checklist is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM productivity app that enforces the optimum course of action for daily tasks, which helps John streamline internal processes at his workplace. When specific conditions are met, a sales manager’s or administrator’s checklist, plan, or to-do list will automatically be linked to records or business process flows. Users will be able to carry out a particular set of tasks that adhere to the organization’s best practices, regardless of whether they are custom, OOB entities, or custom procedures. John and his managers can also set a course of action using the Business Process Checklist for their salespeople and customer executives, and make sure they follow it in the specified order.

How Business Process Review Checklist will align with John’s business objectives!

Manage plans: John and his managers can create, revise, and delete plans with Business Process Checklist and the users/executives will follow these plans within CRM. These plans will offer Dynamics 365 CRM users the best practices for controlling business operations. Within the business process flow, John and his team can create two types of plans based on the requirement of different projects. They can create Process-type plans and Checklist-type plans. Streamline business processes within Microsoft Dynamics 365
Setup Plans for Custom Groups and Business Process Flow: Sales managers in John’s company can create plans for OOB and custom Business Process Flows. They can execute plans on specific Business Process Flow stages. A sales manager, for instance, could design a strategy for the Qualify stage of the Lead to the Opportunity sales process. Sales managers can create plans on customized groups, as John’s organization does not use any business process flow. For example, the sales managers in John’s company can create plans for loan verification with steps for home verification and income verification. And in this way, using the Business Process Checklist app, managers can also develop a plan for custom groups.• Setup Plans for Custom Groups and Business Process Flow
Auto-attach plans to records: According to the criteria established for implementation of the plan, plans developed by sales managers are automatically associated with the records for which they were created. For example, if John’s sales manager creates a lead nurturing plan for the lead entity with the criteria set to “Partner” lead source, the lead nurturing plan will be associated with that lead record if a lead is formed with that lead source. Auto-attach plans to records
View plans: The plans developed by John’s sales managers using Business Process Checklist will be visible on the records they are linked to. This will help executives in John’s company in following plans and fulfill their daily tasks by viewing.
Track plan progress: Sales managers and salespeople in John’s company can keep track of the status of plan activities for the day, including completed, ongoing, and overdue activities, using visual elements such as a progress bar and columns for completed activities/tasks. Streamline business processes within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

 This is not all, there are a lot more features for Business Process Review and Improvement.

Depending on the demands of the project, users can skip steps inside plans.
Users can make certain plans as their preference.
Users can view the plan and enter information on a single page without switching between apps.
Business Process Checklist will allow managers to create several plans for records.

Business Process Checklist stands out from the competition among business process and task management apps thanks to all these features.

After learning all this about our newly launched productivity app Business Process Checklist, John is feeling electrified and assured that his team will work smartly and deliver faster by enforcing best business practices in day-to-day activities. He immediately writes to the Inogic team for a personalized demo.

Best wishes to John and his team!

If you also looking forward to learning more about this. Go to our website to download a free trial or you may write to us at [email protected] to schedule a personalized demo.

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