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There’s truly no better time to join the Salesforce ecosystem. We’ve seen massive growth in cloud technology and according to IDC, the Salesforce economy is set to create 9.3 million new jobs by 2026

While the Salesforce ecosystem is growing, it can be daunting to get started. Maybe you’re new to technology altogether and are looking for a career change, or perhaps you’d like advice on navigating your current Salesforce career.

That’s where Trailblazer Mentorship comes in. Trailblazer Mentorship is a free mentorship program guiding Trailblazers in developing the skills they need to land their next career opportunity or get guidance on their Salesforce career path.

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Learn in-demand skills, earn resume-worthy credentials, and connect with a community of Trailblazers for mentorship and employment opportunities.

Explore career opportunities with Trailblazer Mentorship

Having a mentor is an excellent resource at any stage of your career—for advice in your current role, new job opportunities, or career changes.

In fact, according to this Mentoring case study, 25% of mentees experienced an increase in their salary as a result of being involved in mentorship. Additionally, those involved in a mentoring program are promoted 5x more often than those not involved in mentoring.

Participating in Trailblazer Mentorship can help you begin or advance your Salesforce career. Through mentorship, you can:

  • Identify your career goals and build your Salesforce skills.
  • Polish your resume and prepare for job interviews.
  • Build a network of Trailblazers who support and champion your career goals.

Plus, mentorship is a great way to increase your confidence, gain self-awareness, and broaden your professional perspective.

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Find Your Mentorship Match!

And because we know that everyone has different learning styles, we offer two different types of mentorship options:

  • Mentor Circles are best for those beginning their journey in the Salesforce ecosystem. Working collaboratively in a group setting, you’ll build Salesforce skills and explore different career paths with guidance from mentors and support from peers.
  • One-on-One Trailblazer Mentorship is best for those who have some experience in the ecosystem and prefer to work individually with a mentor to create a customized professional development and job search plan.

Trailblazer Mentorship applications are now open, so be sure to apply now!

Meet Heather Medlar, music teacher turned Salesforce Admin

Heather Medlar took a career break to care for her two sons and then returned to work at her church’s preschool as a music teacher. She eventually became the Director of Children’s Ministry and during that time, she customized her CRM to fit her organization’s needs and realized that she enjoyed working with data.

Heather Medlar

Her brother who was already a Salesforce Administrator then introduced her to Trailhead. Heather was immediately hooked and decided to pursue and earn her Salesforce Administrator certification in July 2022. Since getting certified, she gained Admin experience with several organizations including House of Hope, while working full-time at her church.

While pursuing her career pivot, she attended Trailblazer Community meetings and applied to Trailblazer Mentorship where she met her mentor, Kate Lessard. Kate shared career tips and advice from her own Salesforce journey, helped Heather customize her resume, practice her interview skills, and answer difficult questions. 

Through mentorship, Heather just accepted her first full-time position as a Salesforce Administrator with LexisNexis and in less than a year, went from being a music teacher to almost doubling her salary in a completely new field.

Meet Adarsh Vipul, college student pursuing a career with Salesforce

Adarsh Vipul is a final-year college student who is pursuing a career as a technology professional. He applied to Trailblazer Mentorship to help develop the required technical and communication skills needed for a role in IT. 

Adarsh Vipul

He credits Trailblazer Mentorship for helping him overcome his shyness and build connections with fellow Trailblazers – both in person and online. He now has extensive LinkedIn connections and “reach” among Salesforce professionals ranging from college students and recent graduates to working professionals in the Salesforce ecosystem, like Salesforce MVPs and Salesforce consultants.

Adarsh recently landed a job as a Salesforce Developer with a Bengaluru-based growing IT company, Keyworx Software Labs. With the help of Trailblazer Mentorship, he’s pursuing his first Salesforce certification and eventually aspires to become a Salesforce Consultant.

Meet Daphne Zhang, graphic designer turned Salesforce Consultant

Trailblazers like Daphne Zhang have found success with Trailblazer Mentorship. Daphne was a freelance graphic designer ready for something new.

Through her experiences working with nonprofits and advocacy groups, she knew she wanted a Nonprofit Cloud Consultant role but was unsure how to get there. To create her career roadmap, she applied and was accepted to the Mentor Circle Pilot Program.

Daphne Zhang, Salesforce Implementation Consultant at Arkus

“Through Trailblazer Mentorship, I’m fortunate to have landed the job I wanted. I work with diverse clients that align with my interests, such as Asian Youth Center (AYC), which provides resources, including youth programming and family services, to people living in the San Gabriel Valley. It’s very rewarding to see the potential impact that this implementation can make for nonprofits like AYC.”
— Daphne Zhang, Salesforce Implementation Consultant at Arkus

Though her original goal was landing a job in the Salesforce ecosystem, Daphne formed unexpected connections with her Mentor Circle peers, who were at different stages of their professional journeys. Daphne credits her mentor, Kate Lessard, with guiding her through the hiring process, as well as her fellow mentees for holding her accountable, sharing their experience and professional goals, and helping her build her network.

Today, Daphne works alongside her mentor at Arkus, one of Salesforce’s Premium Nonprofit Partners, on nonprofit Salesforce implementations. On a typical day, she may jump from a call about disaster relief programs to configuring fundraiser seating preferences for an arts organization to a check-in with a family foundation. She learns something new every day, and none of it would be possible without Trailblazer Mentorship.

I encourage anyone interested in a future with Salesforce to apply to Trailblazer Mentorship. My mentor and peers were genuinely invested in my success. This speaks to the greater Trailblazer Community, where a generous spirit and helping hand are always nearby.

Daphne Zhang, Salesforce Implementation Consultant at Arkus

Share your Salesforce Expertise as a Trailblazer Mentor

If you’re an experienced Salesforce professional, becoming a Trailblazer Mentor is an incredible opportunity to deepen your connection to the Trailblazer Community and help develop new Salesforce talent.

With guided resources from Salesforce, mentors support their mentees with skill-building, career coaching, and interview preparation.

Trailblazer Mentor Andrew Wilson is a Salesforce Consulting Manager at Huron. Participating in Trailblazer Mentorship has been a rewarding experience for Andrew because he enjoys watching his mentees quickly immerse themselves into the Salesforce ecosystem, supporting each other every step of the way.

“By the end of one mentor circle cohort, some were even presenting on technical topics like reporting and data visualization to the rest of the group, which was so exciting to see. Seeing their confidence grow as they progress with resume and interview prep, studying towards certifications, and expanding their skills helps me refine my method for approaching these areas.” Andrew says.

Andrew is grateful for the opportunity to share his expertise and to offer the resources he has to welcome new Trailblazers into the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Get a mentor assigned to you! Excited to commit to getting career guidance and support, and building your Salesforce network? Apply to Trailblazer Mentorship now. For more career support, read about these 4 Tips To Help You Land Your Next Job in the Salesforce Ecosystem. Plus, discover 4 Ways To Build a Powerful Resume Website and Stand Out in Your Career Journey.

Become a mentor yourself! Interested in developing future Salesforce talent and enhancing your leadership and people management skills? You can also check out these 5 Reasons Why You Should Be a Mentor and Mentoring Basics on Trailhead for mentorship 101.

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