Top 10 CRM Software Blog Posts of 2022

What topics were the most popular among our CRM Software Blog readers? We see topics like integration, portals and Power Automate top the list in 2022.

Here is a list of the top 10 most popular blog posts on the CRM Software Blog in 2022. These are the articles that were most popular based on the highest quality scores. Quality score is more than just the amount of traffic, it considers reader engagement, writing style, and more.

Top 10 Rated Posts Based on Quality Scores

1) How to Setup a Dynamics 365 integration with SharePointBy Connecting SoftwareIf you are looking for a CRM / SharePoint integration and the CRM you have is Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, we have good news for you. Microsoft provides a native SharePoint integration in Dynamics 365. Many companies go ahead with it because getting it to work is pretty straightforward, and there are plenty of benefits.

2) Dynamics 365 Data Export Service Deprecation – Data Export Replacement Add-onBy KingswaySoft IncBack in November 2021, Microsoft announced it would be deprecating the Data Export Service (DES). While the successor Microsoft is offering, Azure Synapse Link, has powerful features for data analysis, it is also missing some ETL features that many depend on. For example, there is no control over the database tables populated on the Synapse side.

3) Meet Microsoft’s New CRM REST Builder Tool to Simplify ProcessesBy JouneyTEAMCreated by Jason Lattimer and Guido Preite, the Dataverse REST Builder allows users to interact directly with the Dynamics Web API. Previously, users who wanted to perform queries or retrievals had to download and import the CRM Rest Builder solution directly into their environment. Now, the tool is accessible directly from the XRM toolbox.

4) Yes, You Can Connect Excel to SQL Server, Dynamics 365, and MoreBy Connecting SoftwareMicrosoft Excel has been around for a long time, and users love it so much that most companies have important data in Excel spreadsheets. This ubiquitous nature of Excel means that there are many cases in which you need to connect to Excel. When was the last time in which you needed to import from, export to, or somehow integrate with Excel?

5) Improve Email Marketing With HTML Email Templates in Power AutomateBy JouneyTEAMNot all businesses have licensing for the Dynamics 365 Marketing application, but still have a need to send emails with dynamic content, images and other functionality that’s typical with HTML emails. In cases like this, Power Automate flows may be leveraged to achieve the same result.

6) Microsoft Power Automate some cool features for Dynamics 365 CRM usersBy InogicMicrosoft has released its 2022 Release Wave 1 plans for Power Platform and Dynamics 365 which will roll out features from April 2022 to September 2022. There are some exciting Power Platform features that we can look forward to in this release plan. To check what’s new and planned for each and every Power Platform apps viz Power BI, Power Apps, Power Apps Portals, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, Dataverse, etc., check out the official documentation of each individual app. To get tips and tricks and how these features can be implemented in your platform, do subscribe to our Inogic Blogs where we keep sharing on what’s coming up new. While we wait for these features to roll out, let us look at some of the amazing Power Automate tricks we have explored till now.

7) Hide/Show System Views in Dynamics 365 By Beringer Technology GroupDynamics 365 is known for its plethora of components and subcomponents, including entities, forms, views, charts, fields, and much more.  Many of these components have had their administration functionality altered, or have had their names changed altogether (e.g., “entities” are now “tables”; “fields” are now “columns”), with the introduction of the Power Platform.  Views are no exception to this, and in the case of administration functionality, system administrators and customizers have the ability to control a view’s visibility to end-users without disabling it.  Before Power Apps, the only way to remove a system view from visibility in the classic Dynamics 365 experience was to disable it completely in the environment.

8) How to Set Up an Integration with Dynamics 365 Using OAuthBy KingswaySoft IncFor years, Online Federation (WS-Trust) was the standard authentication method to gain access to Microsoft Dynamics 365, CRM, CDS, CE, and Dataverse. With rising security concerns, and with a more modern and safer alternative found in OAuth, Microsoft deprecated Online Federation, setting a timeline for phasing it out. As of this year, the transition is complete and WS-Trust connections no longer exist.

9) All You Need to Know About Dynamics 365 Partner PortalBy BiztechMost businesses have partners with whom they take major business decisions, invest together, build strategies, etc. To do all this smoothly, one must communicate properly and efficiently. Misunderstandings can ruin the strategy or the bond between partners, ultimately affecting the business.

10) Be prepared for ARC and SLA deprecation By Beringer Technology GroupAs previously announced, Microsoft has deprecated the ARC (automatic record creation) rules and SLA (service-level agreements) items in the Dynamics 365 Customer Service web client.  The intention is for these components to be migrated to and accessed from the Unified Interface.  Currently, Microsoft has set the end-of-life date for these features in the web client to be October 1, 2022.  Action must be taken before that date to ensure no loss of functionality.

We congratulate 2022’s top authors. We would like to give a special shout-out to Connecting Software, Kingswaysoft Inc, JourneyTeam and Beringer Technology Group who each had two posts featured in the top 10 blog post list.

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