Top 5 Announcements at TrailblazerDX ‘23

TrailblazerDX is a flagship event in the Salesforce calendar that brings together the ‘builders’ (admins, developers, architects, and more), inspiring them to innovate within their own businesses using the Salesforce platform.

TrailblazerDX focuses on the more technical aspects of Salesforce – typically deep diving into features, product demos, and the product development roadmap, as well as exciting announcements. In this article, we’ll explore the top updates from TrailblazerDX ’23!

1. Einstein GPT

Salesforce is launching Einstein GPT to deliver auto-generated AI content, right within the Salesforce platform, with use cases including Slack, sales, service, marketing, commerce, and app builders. This is the world’s most powerful, intelligent, generative CRM – making every employee more productive and every customer experience better.

Einstein GPT combines public and private AI models with CRM data so that users can ask natural-language prompts (i.e. conversational questions) directly within Salesforce CRM. The result? AI-generated content is delivered that continuously adapts to changing customer information and needs – hugely time-saving for users.

What do we mean by public and private AI models? Einstein GPT infuses:

  • Salesforce’s private AI models: In other words, those developed by Salesforce, which are leveraged by customers using features from the Einstein technology layer.
  • Combining OpenAI’s ChatGPT: Thanks to the Salesforce and OpenAI partnership, providing out-of-the-box generative AI capabilities to companies through direct access to OpenAI’s enterprise-grade ChatGPT technology.
  • Bring your own model: As Einstein GPT is open and extensible, you can opt to use it alongside your own external model/s.

Data is being pumped into these models, in real-time, from Salesforce ‘clouds’, and the Salesforce Data Cloud (Genie) to ingest, harmonize, and unify all of a company’s customer data.

Breaking News: Salesforce Einstein GPT Officially Announced

2. New Mascot

Welcome to Flo the Flying Squirrel – the new mascot for Flow Builder and Flownatics everywhere! Flo is “agile, hard-working, and ready to help take your team to new heights”.

Meet Flo the Flying Squirrel: Salesforce’s Newest Character

3. Flow Templates

Speaking of Flow, Salesforce also announced that there are now over 900 out-of-the-box Flow templates available to you! You can start to build and automate faster using templates that follow best practice and simplify business processes.

4. Salesforce Integration User License

Free Salesforce Integration User Licenses were announced during True to the Core at TrailblazerDX! At a previous True to the Core session, the issue of API-only licenses was raised. In essence, the cost of licenses makes it prohibitively expensive to purchase licenses to be used with various APIs and integrations. However, having a license per API/integration is best practice, giving you better control and visibility over each API.

In fantastic news, starting on March 14, 2023, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited edition orgs will receive five free Salesforce Integration User Licenses, with additional licenses billed at $10 each.

Assign the New Salesforce Integration User License to Grant API Only Access

5. Trailhead Coach

The Trailhead platform, Salesforce’s fun and free way to learn in-demand skills, is being extended with Trailhead Coach. This is a guided path – from skills-based learning to automatic interview opportunities – for anyone pursuing a career in the Salesforce ecosystem.

The new Trailhead Coach includes:

  • Guided learning pathways: With self-paced learning on Trailhead, participants can develop the skills directly aligned to their Salesforce career goals.
  • Free certification exam vouchers: Participants can unlock vouchers for more than 18 globally-recognized Salesforce certifications to showcase skills and prove expertise to employers.
  • Automatic access to interviews with employers: Once certified, participants automatically access informational and mock interview opportunities with Salesforce Talent Alliance employers – a network of Salesforce customers and partners looking for tech talent.

New Trailhead Coach: Learning Paths, Certification Vouchers, Job Interview Access


There were plenty of exciting announcements at TrailblazerDX ’23! What was your favorite? Don’t forget, you can catch up on the latest at TrailblazerDX via Salesforce+ here!

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