Want to Hire the Best Salesforce Consultants? Here’s Everything You Should Know!

There’s hardly anyone in the business industry who is unaware of Salesforce. We all know Salesforce to be the no. 1 CRM in the world that multiple businesses have adopted from different industry sectors. Salesforce is known for adding flexibility, growth, intelligence, and power to a business, but that’s only possible when you have the best Salesforce consultants to guide you through it. 

With thousands of Salesforce consulting companies available, businesses are constantly facing difficulty determining the right service. Also, there are times that companies fail to extract the best out of their Salesforce investment and lose their investment. That’s all because they couldn’t find the right Salesforce consultants for their business. 

So, in this article, we’re providing you with some help so that you know everything before getting your company the right Salesforce consultants and can make the most of your Salesforce investment. 

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Tips to Follow to Find Your Best Salesforce Consultants

To find a trusted Salesforce consultant for your business, there are several points that you need to keep in mind. 

Let’s start with discussing some tips that will best you find the best Salesforce consulting company that could evaluate your Salesforce requirements and can help you find consultants exactly according to your needs. 

1. Know your needs

One thing that every organization must realize before hiring professionals is that they should be aware of what exactly the problem is that has to be solved. After identifying the problems, it is essential to set the relevant expectations with  Salesforce and the professionals. That’s where you need to identify the clear goals you want to fulfill and for which you need the right partner. 

Consider collaborating with your team members to discuss different variables affecting the Salesforce implementation. These variables could be anything like scope, budget, or timeline. Also, there would not be any benefit of bringing in a new project if you were not discussing its use with the team. 

2. Give importance to experience

When you shortlist a Salesforce consulting partner, it is essential to give enough focus on the experience of the firm. When you expect to reinvent your business with Salesforce, you need someone who has impressive experience in doing the best work with Salesforce. Check for the experience of the partner in the industry you’re working in and the problems they have addressed with Salesforce implementation.  

3. Focus on feedback

You know a Salesforce consulting company is doing a nice job when they are getting great feedback and reviews from customers they have worked for. Such feedback could prove to be a great testament to successful work and efficient planning by a Salesforce consulting firm. The best way to find reviews is to go to Salesforce AppExchange. Along with reviews, you’ll also be able to find experience and certification the team has on AppExchange.  

4. Ask about the implementation methodology

When you have decided to implement Salesforce in your business, it is important to learn about the implementation methodology that the best Salesforce consultants will follow. 

You can consider researching it through their websites, evaluating and reading case studies and white papers to know the challenges the team has encountered and how they approached them. You can also ask them questions about tools you will use for Salesforce implementation

5. Ask about needed support

It is important to realize that Salesforce implementation is not a one-time job, and you need to have the best Salesforce consultants keep working for you to provide the necessary support you need with the Salesforce org. 

This makes it essential for you to ask the consulting firm about the support they’ll offer after implementation. It is important that you find a partner that can offer you 24/7 support, so you have your Salesforce managed even when you are not in the office.  

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Challenges That You Might Face with Salesforce Implementation

While implementing Salesforce can bring along many benefits, it is essential that you should know that there is the possibility of facing some challenges too.

Let’s have a look at these challenges that you might come across and for which you would need a Salesforce consulting company to resolve them.

1. Data migration complications

When it comes to Salesforce implementation, the need to migrate your data in existing applications to Salesforce comes. To do so, you need to have an efficient strategy and approach to ensure safe migration without any issues. Inefficient data migration can cause inappropriate data mapping and issues of data duplication, so you have to be very careful about it.   

2. Safely conducting Salesforce integration

Another issue that you might face is when you plan on integrating your existing third-party applications with Salesforce. Salesforce integration can be a tricky job and require a lot of focus on synchronizing fields and records of solutions that are to be integrated. Any issue with the synchronization can end up in the loss of sensitive information that you have in your records. That’s why it is considered crucial to let the Salesforce integration partners do the job.

3. Errors due to the incomplete requirement

One of the major reasons why Salesforce implementations fail is the poor or incomplete system requirements. There are times when the project scope for Salesforce implementation is poorly defined, or the important details are missed out due to a lack of communication. In such cases, the Salesforce implementation can lead to failure, and it would cost you more to get it back on the right track. 

4. Challenges in user adoption

Your Salesforce implementation will not be counted as a successful one if the respective end users are facing difficulty in working with it. It doesn’t matter how advanced technology you’ve used; if users can’t even understand it, that’s just useless. In many cases, the team only focuses on implementation and leaves the training and user adoption part aside. That’s just troublesome and leads to the failure of the implementation

5. Documentation issues

Sometimes, when the team focuses a lot on quickly finishing up the Salesforce implementation, they end up missing out on the documentation part. Lack of documentation can be a real issue, especially for the training part, as people won’t have an idea about everything that has been included in the Salesforce org, like the features, functionalities, and records. Make sure the document you hand over to the team has all the new functionalities and features explained in detail for their better understanding.

Get the Best Salesforce Consultants to Work for You

Although there are some challenges that can occur with Salesforce implementation, if you have a reliable team with you, you don’t have to worry about anything. Salesforce consultants who are certified and have the relevant experience are aware of the best practices to follow to implement Salesforce the right way. 

The tips we have mentioned can help you find a Salesforce consulting company for your business. But there’s an easier way to get your team Salesforce consultants that you deserve. Talk to the best and most certified Salesforce consultants and developers at 360 Degree Cloud and discuss your business requirements and challenges you want to over. We’ll help create a foolproof and safe Salesforce implementation plan to get your business on the path of growth and efficiency.

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