Webinar: Real-time Push Notifications in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM!

Businesses using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM still rely on conventional channels like emails, which can lead to delays in passing time-sensitive, important business updates to stakeholders or miscommunication that can put businesses at risk or even result in monetary losses.

According to a survey of 400 companies, communication delays cost each company $62.4 million per year.

So how does having a robust alerts and notification management solution bridge this communication gap and prevent losses?

Alerts4Dynamics by Inogic is a Microsoft AppSource Preferred Productivity App that enables salespeople to create, schedule, and manage alerts for many activities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM on mobiles as well as tablets. It helps you notify your target audience directly in CRM. By creating messages in multiple languages for single or multiple alerts and notifications, these alerts and notifications can then be accessed from anywhere in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Here’s your chance to explore this amazing alert management solution’s cool features.

Join our upcoming webinar and learn how tailored Real-time alerts and notifications can boost Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM user productivity and time efficiency with the help of Alerts4Dynamics.

Webinar: Real-time Notifications in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM -Maximize Productivity with Alerts4Dynamics

Wednesday 12th March 2023

4 PM AEDT, 10 AM GMT, and 11 AM EDT

In this webinar, you will learn about the following benefits of Alerts4Dynamics:

Right Information at the Right Time: By providing real-time notifications, Alerts4Dynamics can help users work more efficiently, allowing them to respond to important events and changes within the system in a timely manner.
Improved communication and collaboration: The tool help to improve communication between users, by ensuring that everyone is aware of important events and updates, and by providing a common platform for sharing important business information within CRM.
Create Engaging and relevant notifications: Alerts4Dynamics allows administrators to create custom notifications that are tailored to the specific needs of their organization, making it possible to send notifications that are relevant and useful to different users.
Increased Productivity with Automation: By automating the task of sending alerts and notifications to CRM users, Alerts4Dynamics can help users focus on their core responsibilities and work more efficiently.
Enhance User Experience: By allowing managers to send alert messages in multiple languages, you can enhance the user experience.

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If you’re curious to experience the app for yourself, you can get a 15-day free trial from our website or Microsoft AppSource. You can visit our online help file or watch this video to learn about the app’s useful features in more detail.

Feel free to mail us at crm@inogic.com for a personalized product demo or to ask any questions on implementing an alert management system in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

Alert4Dyanmics can help streamline workflows by sending alerts when specific conditions are met, allowing users to focus on higher-value tasks. Stop contemplating and Register right away!

Simplify communication in your organization with ease!

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