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Businesses across industries are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, and every business brings a different level of process complexity to CRM. Sales managers using Dynamics 365 CRM need a way to enforce best practices in day-to-day operations.

However, in every industry, they regularly experience non-compliance, delayed or inappropriate actions, and resource unavailability. All this hinders the process of streamlining daily operations and creating uniform business processes. This results in inconsistency in the business processes.

Are you looking forward to automating and enforcing best practices within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM in your organization? Then you must explore Business Process Checklist, a productivity tool that supports guided selling and policy compliance.

Business Process Checklist is the best solution to create and enforce automated playbooks that are tailored for managing business processes across industries, as well as to encourage compliance, productivity, transparency, and process uniformity.

To know more about Business Process Checklist, join this interactive webinar and get detailed prospects for this fantastic business process management tool.

Guided selling and Process/Policy Compliance with Business Process Checklist in Dynamics 365 CRM


Wednesday, 25th January 202310 AM UK GMT and 11 AM US EST

In this webinar, we will walk you through the following features of Business Process Checklist, and you will learn the most practical approach to handling OOB or Custom Business Process Flows:

Automation of instructions for upcoming activities to team members with predefined playbooks.
Enforcement of business-specific best practices, adherence, and compliance at every stage with established business policies.
Monitoring risks and implementing mitigating strategies.
Develop a people-independent system that allows operations to proceed even in the absence of a certain salesperson.
Utilize visual elements like a progress bar to monitor the progress of business processes.

Hurry up, save your seat!

You may even download a free trial of Business Process Checklist from our website or Microsoft AppSource to learn more about it. You can visit our blogs, and video library for more information, or you can email us at [email protected] for a free demo.

Register now and use Business Process Checklist to accomplish your business objectives!

Enjoy the process streamlining until then!

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