What Is Copado? Features, Certification, And How It Is Used In Salesforce

Salesforce is a complex and sophisticated CRM and a powerful tool for business management. Achieving and keeping a competitive edge is always challenging, especially in managing customer relationships, which is essential to maintaining stable revenue and continuing growth.

You might be thinking about upgrading to the newest version of Salesforce or planning on using the new features in Salesforce for your business. If so, then Copado is what you need.

In this blog, we’ll provide a fast and easy overview of what Copado is, its certification, how it can be used in your Salesforce CRM, and a few ideas on its features.

What is Copado Salesforce?

Companies need to focus on continuous innovation to stay ahead of the competition. This is where DevOps teams come in. DevOps teams are responsible for driving innovation and keeping the company agile. 

Copado helps DevOps teams by providing an integrated solution that automates manual tasks. This way, teams can focus on more important things and avoid errors. Salesforce is one of the many backers of Copado because they believe in its mission.

Copado is the first Salesforce-native solution that helps bring admins, architects, and developers together. The solution unites the team and makes DevOps a team sport with dedicated players. It enables visualizing Agile trains on a real-time basis. It can also be a valuable tool for business planning units and other IT departments to help understand the value chain within the organization.

What is the Use of Copado in Salesforce?

Copado is a powerful DevOps and testing platform designed specifically for SaaS applications. By integrating with Salesforce, Copado gives users a centralized system to manage development processes across clouds, including MuleSoft, Heroku, Salesforce, and Google. Some of Capado’s competitors include Github, CodeFresh, and Microsoft

Copado Certifications

You can become a Copado-certified professional by passing the Copado certification exam. You can’t just memorize the material if you want to do well on the Copado certification exam. You need to have a practical understanding of it. The exam has 30 multiple-choice questions; you must get 75% of them right to pass. Copado salary in India starts from 11L INR/year (14,000 USD/year).

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There are four Copado certifications that you can get:

Copado Fundamentals I

Copado Fundamentals I certification is designed as an introduction to Copado for users who may not know much about the tool. It covers how Copado integrates with your repository.


  • Salesforce Admin certification and experience 
  • Salesforce Application Lifecycle Experience (Recommended)

Learning Resources:

  • Academy Fundamentals I Trail

Exam Price: USD 250.00

Copado Fundamentals II

This certification is for users who want to take their Copado skills to the next level by learning about advanced features and automating processes.


  • Copado Fundamentals I Certification

Learning Resources:

  • Academy Fundamentals II Trail

Exam Price: USD 250.00

Copado Consultant

This Copado certification is perfect for users who have some knowledge of Copado and want to learn more about how to implement it and set it up, considering best practices for future improvements.


  • Copado Fundamentals I Certification
  • Copado Fundamentals II Certification

Learning Resources:

  • Academy Consultant Certification Trail

Exam Price: USD 500.00

Copado Robotic Testing Exam Guide

The Copado Robotic Testing certification is designed for users who want to deepen their understanding of how testing and Copado’s Robotic Testing product can contribute to streamlining the DevOps process.


  • Copado Fundamentals I Certification

Learning Resources:

  • Academy Copado Robotic Testing Certification Trail

Exam Price: USD 250.00

Top Copado Features 

Copado Plan

Upgrades are only as good as the purpose they were made for. Copado Plan is designed to turn user stories into software ready to be used. It’s a valuable tool for teams that follow Agile, Lean, Six Sigma, and Scrum methods. Copado is also equipped with features that support Kanban boards, Agile dashboards, Sprint walls, and work managers.

Copado plan features provide enterprises with a comprehensive base that covers all basic needs to meet daily and weekly targets. This will help keep your team aligned with all code changes linked directly to User Stories. With Copado, you can quickly track all ideas and activities at every development stage, which will help you make better decisions about your project’s recipe book.

Copado Test 

End-to-end testing is important for code quality, and Copado Test is designed to make the coder’s life error-free! By catching errors before release, Copado Test can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on alpha testing.

Copado Test can help you streamline your testing process by providing support for Apex Tests, Manual Test Scripts, Pull Requests, Static Code Analysis, and Selenium. The biggest thing this suite does is help streamline the testing process, so there are fewer bottlenecks in release trains.

Copado Comply

It can often feel like DevOps and legal are constantly at odds with each other. However, Copado’s framework makes it easy for IT teams to strike the right balance between what works, what doesn’t, and what might. 

Just as importantly, protecting company data is key. By periodic deep scans to ensure that any changes comply with enterprise principles, Copado Comply can help make deployments go more smoothly.

Copado Release 

Copado Release is a tool that gives you more control over your metadata by integrating user stories, metadata rollbacks, and environmental branches into a single source. This tool is crucial for DevOps networks because it can help manage parallel releases, commit changes into version control, and deploy Salesforce consistently and predictably.

Copado Monitor

Copado Monitor provides better visibility across all of your project’s boards, from macro to micro, so you can be sure that quality compliance is always up to par. With pre-built reports and dashboards, your team can focus on the task at hand rather than spend time creating their monitoring system from scratch.

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Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a well-rounded and powerful quality app for your Salesforce CRM, it may be worth checking out Copado. It is a worthwhile alternative to most other field service apps, and the tool can add some value to almost any business enterprise. If you believe in the power of enabling teamwork while improving your bottom line, then this is one quality option that might work for you.

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Q: Name some of the Copado core elements.

A: Copado core elements include release pipelines, a user story-centric model, the commit grid, quality gates, and more. 

Q: What Copado feature enables you to define how deployments are executed and which set of tests is run to comply with your business requirements?

A: Copado’s continuous delivery enables you to define the deployment’s execution. 

Q: Which new Copado Salesforce deployment solution is fast, easy, and free?

A: Salesforce deployment using Copado Essential is fast, easy, and free. 

Q: How can a quick deployment be made with Copado?

A: It would be best if you first validated the deployment by running the test classes to verify that it deploys quickly. This will give you the validation key for the second deployment without running the test classes. Copado will always try to use the quick deploy method when it is available to do so.

Q: Is Copado native to Salesforce?

Q: Copado is a powerful tool that helps managers release software faster and with fewer errors. It does this by using continuous integration and deployment technologies, all while being integrated with Salesforce Clouds and DX to become Copado Salesforce DX

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