What is Salesforce Web3 Tech and How Does it help in Creating Reliable, Long-Lasting Communities

With a unified platform and the help of Salesforce Web3, organizations can efficiently scale while creating linked consumer experiences across Web2 and Web3. Web3, referred to as the next generation of the internet, incorporates emerging technologies such as blockchain and NFTs, which provide marketers with innovative ways to engage new audiences and tap into first-party data to strengthen consumer connections and generate loyalty.

In a secure, scalable, and long-lasting manner, Salesforce Web3 assists businesses in creating, managing, and deploying non-fungible tokens (NFTs). With the limited release of Salesforce Web3, businesses can engage with their consumers in new ways by fusing Customer 360 data with Web3 data for a comprehensive understanding of how customers interact with their brand across established and upcoming technological devices.

With the help of a new API interface called Web3 Connect, businesses can build individualized, omnichannel experiences for customers across Web2 and Web3, giving them a 360-degree picture of how people use their NFT collections.

Companies can build and manage NFT collections directly through Salesforce, receive real-time customer data, keep an eye on blockchain activity, and automate procedures with Salesforce Flow thanks to NFT Management, formerly known as NFT Cloud.

With a reliable platform, increase consumer loyalty in Web 3.

  • Improve client profiles: To identify customers while protecting their privacy, integrate Web3 data into your CRM.
  • Establish digital archives: Easily customize and publish audited smart contracts on a long-lasting blockchain.
  • Control Web3 participation: With Salesforce Customer 360, create an integrated user experience across Web2, Web3, and other channels.

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Features of Salesforce Web3

  • Execute efficiently, sustainably, and securely
  • Templates for Smart Contracts: With a safe, validated template, configure the contract parameters for fresh NFT collections.
  • Data Model for Web3: Use fresh blockchain data connected with your CRM, like wallet IDs and NFT transaction histories.
  • Monitoring of Collections: Track real-time blockchain data from collections started on Ethereum and Polygon within your CRM.
  • Score Your Wallet: Detect wallets that have engaged in possibly fraudulent or other dangerous activities and flag them.
  • Internal Security: Configure role-based privacy constraints, enable multi-signature actions on smart contracts and more.
  • Resilient Blockchains: Before deployment, determine the carbon footprint of several sustainable blockchains.

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What Web3 can offer?

  • Provide privileged experiences: Provide owners of digital assets access to exclusive digital content and community participation.
  • Introduce original digital products: Provide a range of novel items, such as wearables for the metaverse, digital twins, and access to virtual worlds.
  • Collaborate with customers to create something new: Increase client loyalty by incorporating co-ownership, co-creation, and tokenized customer participation.
  • Unlock client information: While respecting consumer privacy, identify consumers using wallet IDs and document changes in NFT ownership.

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