What Slack and Salesforce Sales Cloud Could Do for Your Business

Today’s customers no longer prefer emails and phone calls. Customers anticipate continuous vendor assistance and participation. This means that reps must spend more time building relationships and meeting customers on their terms. Sales managers and sales operations personnel must hold their teams accountable for data entry to stay on top of pipeline deals and optimize team performance.

Salesforce-specific context is integrated into Slack by Sales Cloud for Slack. Slack allows you to update Sales Cloud records and retrieve context while working. Using Slack as their digital hub, reps, managers, and operations specialists can quickly access business processes, cross-functional partners, and Salesforce data.

Sales Cloud 360 combined with Slack allows your sales team to sell more quickly and accelerates future growth. Read on to discover what Slack and Sales Cloud could do for your business.

Replace Email with a Real-Time Buyer Channel

Agents can use Slack Connect to migrate email conversations into Slack. Make a public Slack channel for each buyer and send them an invitation link. Instead of endless email threads, all communication takes place in one place.

An email has largely replaced paper mail. Slack’s immediacy is similar to face-to-face communication. It fosters more authentic relationships, similar to texting and instant messaging. It’s simple to share white papers, demo recordings, and other insights in chat. Mentioning “@” also allows you to quickly address issues. This accelerates sales. According to IDC, companies that use Slack as a sales tool respond to leads 21% faster. The ability to communicate effectively can mean the difference between scheduling a meeting and closing a deal.

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New-Hire Tools Make Onboarding Easier

Invite new hires to a #new-hire Slack channel where they can ask onboarding questions instead of emailing them. If your company is large, you can set up multiple Slack channels for different cohorts. Request that newcomers introduce themselves and mingle with others. Provide onboarding information in this channel. Onboarding can be sped up by using a unified workspace for all materials. Creating a new hire channel allows all parties to see each other’s inquiries and prevents HR teams from repeating themselves.

Once new representatives have gained the necessary knowledge, Slack will provide them with everything they need. They will also be able to view previous account activity. A CRM integration can synchronize sales data, removing the need for sales reps to switch systems. 

The initial training is straightforward, and the time-wasting can be eliminated. Sales Cloud notifications on Slack can help you prioritize deals as you prepare for meetings. Spending less time on research speeds up the sales process. Companies that used Slack had 13% more closed deals and 15% shorter sales cycles

Slack has the potential to humanize the employee experience, leading to lower employee turnover and better-prepared salespeople. Peer-to-peer learning helps new representatives learn from the successes of others. They will form bonds with coworkers and create a virtual company culture.

Better Opportunity for Team Deal-Closing

Slack channels for cross-functional collaboration should be established because selling is a team sport. To speed up transactions, digital “deal rooms” enable team members to swarm around customer needs. Everyone can now easily track the stage and activity of a deal and collaborate on the next steps. 

Slack’s Huddles feature also allows you to group audio within channels. While sharing files and screens, people can join and exit an audio conversation without having to schedule a video chat. Thanks to screen sharing, everyone can feel as if they are in the office discussing last-minute decisions.

 No representative can close a deal on their own. When a seller encounters a stumbling block and is unable to quickly bring in the right person, it damages credibility, delays decision-making, and lengthens the sales cycle. When teams work together, revenue increases.

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Slack, as an effective communication tool, makes it easier for sellers to communicate with other departments, breaking down barriers and, in turn, reaching success. This allows businesses to flourish through better response rates, gathering customer feedback quickly, and sharing it with product teams.

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